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Barcelona to host the third edition of the Sharing Cities Summit to help collaborative economies grow

The international meeting reaches Barcelona in the autumn, following on from the first two editions in Amsterdam and New York.

The Sharing Cities Summit is an international meeting of experts and cities which looks at the different types of collaborative economies, how they affect city life and what measures can be taken to boost their positive effects and mitigate their negative aspects.

The series of Sharing Cities Summits started two years ago in Amsterdam, with a second edition being held in New York and the third edition to be held in Barcelona.

These sessions, which will further enhance the programme for the Smart City Expo World Congress 2018, are the result of the internationalisation work carried out at the municipal sections of this year’s congress, where the results achieved recently via collaborative agreements with global cities such as New York were presented. These agreements provide the basis for projects such as the Challenge BCN-NYC to improve mobility for the visually-impaired.

Also by way of establishing collaboration with other global cities in the sphere of innovation, the SCEWC 2017 saw Barcelona Activa sign a collaborative agreement with Kyoto’s ATR Institute to exchange start-ups and talent. The act to announce the deal was attended by the vice governor for the Prefecture of Kyoto, Akimasa Yamashita.