Un moment de la Conferència de Barcelona per a la inclusió digital, celebrada l'1 de desembre de 2022 a Ca l'Alier

Ca l’Alier hosts the Barcelona Conference for Digital Inclusion

On Thursday 1 December, Barcelona City Council, Giga UNICEF ITU, the Mobile World Capital Barcelona and the Cities Coalition for Digital Rights organised the Barcelona Conference for Digital Inclusion, an event open to the general public that discussed how we can progress towards a fair, people-orientated digital transition.

This conference marked the arrival in Barcelona of the Giga Technological Centre, the UN programme for providing an Internet connection for all the schools in the world. after the Spanish Government, the Generalitat de Catalunya and Barcelona City Council agreed that Ca l’Alier would host (CA) this UNICEF and International Telecommunications Union (ITU) initiative.

The conference was attended by representatives from various organisations and institutions that are working to reduce the digital divide around the world in various fields. Laia Bonet, the Third Deputy Mayor for the 2030 Agenda, Digital Transition, Sports and Territorial and Metropolitan Coordination, opened the conference, accompanied by Christopher Fabian, the co-director of Giga (UNICEF) and Oleg Polovynko, the head of digitalisation in Kyiv.              

The programme continued with a round table on digital technologies, with Laia Bonet; Francesc Fajula, the managing director of Mobile World Capital Barcelona; Cecilia Robles, the general director of United Nations, International Bodies and Human Rights at the Spanish Government's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, and Gina Tost, the Government of Catalonia's Digital Policy Secretary as speakers, and Alex Wong, the co-director of Giga (ITU), as moderator.

Debates were subsequently held throughout the day on local and global initiatives for countering the digital divide, as well as analysing alliances and experiences of public-private partnership that contribute to ensuring digital inclusion. Also taking part were representatives from cities such as Amsterdam, Bordeaux and Brussels, city networks such as Eurocities, UN programmes and agencies such as UN-Habitat, along with representatives from companies, research centres and civil society organisations. Michael Donaldson, Barcelona City Council's Commissioner for Digital Innovation, closed the conference.


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