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A moment from the City Leadership Forum held in Barcelona.

The City Leadership Forum is being held at Ca l’Alier on 8 and 9 June, offering a meeting of experts in digitisation and urban innovation from different cities to discuss digitisation as a tool for improving people’s quality of life. The meeting includes round tables, activities on innovation and technology, digital rights and cybersecurity.

Roof with vegetation in the Fàbrica del Sol.

The aim of the awards is to recognise and disseminate innovative and inspiring initiatives in a variety of sectors (in the fields of business, social, communication and education) to help achieve our city’s sustainable development goals.

Presentation of the report on the ethics of AI in politics during the Smar City Expo 2021.

During the Smart City Expo World Congress 2021, the Global Observatory of Urban AI (GOUAI) presented its newly published report “AI Ethics in policy and action: city governance of algorithmic-decision systems”, which aims to set an ethical framework to guide cities’ applications of algorithmic decision systems.

Barcelona City Council Pavilion at the Smart City Expo 2021

At this international showcase, Barcelona highlights its commitment to digital innovation as a tool for building the future through 44 projects that are enabling us to advance towards a more sustainable, connected and socially cohesive city.

Imatge oficial Smart City Expo 2020

We envision an inclusive digital future. More ethical, more collaborative, more transparent. For everybody.

Discover here how we are building Barcelona's future with the projects we are presenting at the Smart City Expo 2021.

A moment from the first political meeting of the Coalition of Cities for Digital Rights

The Digital Rights Governance Framework, a roadmap for the governance of digital rights in the urban sphere, was launched at the first Cities Coalition for Digital Rights (CC4DR) policy meeting in Amsterdam on 14-15 October. It will be published on 10 December, International Human Rights Day.


The “Municipal strategy on algorithms and data to ethically drive artificial intelligence” provides Barcelona with a legal framework to ensure that people’s digital rights are respected in the application of artificial intelligence (AI). Barcelona is thus joining cities such as Amsterdam, New York, Helsinki, Toronto and Seattle in the construction of a human rights-based AI model with a commitment to a democratic digital society.

Announcement of the call for the collection of citizen initiatives in defense of digital rights

Whether you are an individual, group, organisation or company active in the field of digital rights, it is important you know what you are doing. We are creating a map of the Citizen Ecosystem for Digital Rights to record and highlight all your initiatives. Come and take part and share your project.

Plató de l'Smart City Live

What will the world and cities be like after the Covid-19 pandemic? What are the permanent, essential changes going to be for the future? International experts, leading companies in the area of urban innovation, and government representatives from all over the world discussed how to increase cities’ resilience at Smart City Live (SCL), the online edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC).

Official image of the Next Generation Internet Policy Summit (NGI)

Barcelona has shared experiences and success stories regarding Data Sharing and digital rights at the Next Generation Internet Policy Summit (NGI).

Anàlisi amb dades amb un ordinador.

The Call for Projects for the third edition of the World Data Viz Challenge 2020 Barcelona-Kobe, is now open. The dataviz competition is organised by the City Councils of Barcelona and Kobe (Japan) who have been twinned cities for more than 25 years. Participation will be accredited by the deadline of 26th of October. 

Cartell que anuncia el repte Barcelona-Kobe 2020.

Barcelona and the Japanese city of Kobe convene the third edition of the World Data Viz Challenge, a data visualization competition to identify the challenges of smart cities. The call for projects starts on the 14th of September.


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