Presentation of the DataCity project at the Mobile World Congress 2018.
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Data: the key to new solutions to urban challenges

Barcelona City Council, through the Municipal Data Office (OMD) and i.lab, is supporting innovation by renewing its collaboration with the DataCity initiative, which aims to find innovative solutions to the challenges faced by today’s cities.

DataCity is an urban innovation programme that invites technological corporations and companies to resolve urban challenges posed by city councils, where data is the main focus.

The innovative DataCity programme, led by the OMD and i.lab, is based on a new collaboration model, through which data from both the public and private sectors is the key to new solutions to the challenges faced by cities.


Public-private collaboration

The first edition of the DataCity programme in Barcelona is the product of public-private collaboration between Barcelona City Council (OMD, i.lab and the Mobility Department), the company Ferrovial, and two other technology companies, 300.000km/s and Immense Simulations, selected to overcome the last mile logistics challenge in the city of Barcelona.

300.000 km/s and Immense Simulations have developed experiments based on collecting and analysing data, in both the private and the public field, and have provided useful information to reduce the congestion caused by the distribution of goods around the city and to improve mobility management and residents’ quality of life.


A more sustainable, resilient and inclusive city

As indicated by Michael Donaldson, commissioner for Digital Innovation, e-Government and Good Governance, ‘Through DataCity, we want to find solutions to complex urban problems in a way that is innovative and collaborates with economic and social agents. This co-creation process, in which data is the central tool for overcoming urban challenges, helps the Administration to develop a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive city.’

The DataCity programme in Barcelona will hold its second edition in 2020. i.lab and the Municipal Data Office invite all members of the private sector to collaborate with the City Council to help overcome urban challenges in all key areas of the 2030 Agenda: climate change, energy management, waste and water management, urban planning, the local economy and quality of life.

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