Imatge oficial Smart City Expo 2020

Digital innovation to build the future

We envision an inclusive digital future. More ethical, more collaborative, more transparent. For everybody.

Discover here how we are building Barcelona's future with the projects we are presenting at the Smart City Expo 2021:



01 Barcelona a la Butxaca

“Barcelona a la Butxaca” is a mobile app that provides the main municipal mobile services for citizens from one single access point. It offers current information about services, processes and the city calendar. It also gives access to other apps and includes a section to report incidents by sending pictures.

02 The OAC calls you

The new municipal service through which citizens can receive assistance and carry out municipal processes via phone call or videocall.  

03 Barcelona Data Portal

In one single website, the Barcelona Data Portal compiles data, tools for analysing them and related information to facilitate their dissemination and reuse, and to help to make evidence-based decisions.

04 Participatory budgeting (Spanish)

A participatory process by which the citizens of Barcelona can define, prioritise, vote and select investment projects that the Barcelona City Council will put in place in each district.

05 My Aid (Spanish)

Simulator designed so that anyone can know the social benefits to which they are entitled, regardless of the Administration that manages them. It works anonymously, indicates which grants can be requested and their estimated amount — and provides a link to the procedures to request them.

06 Electronic notification (Spanish)

A system enabling online communication between the Barcelona City Council and companies, legal entities and citizens, making notifications available by mail and through a digital platform instead of receiving them on paper. For companies and legal entities, the use of electronic notification is mandatory; for citizens, it is voluntary.

07 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) (Spanish)

By automating manual and repetitive tasks, we increase productivity and, essentially, improve the quality of services to boost the digitalisation of processes.



08 Smou 
The personal and shared mobility app that integrates Bicing, municipal parking spaces, the charging network for electric vehicles, parking meters and the operators of shared motorbikes and bikes in Barcelona.

09 Bicing (Spanish)

A model renowned worldwide for its wide availability and for the quality of its service; pioneer in the introduction of improvements for a shared, sustainable and electric mobility.

10 Endolla

The largest public charging network for electric vehicles in Spain, with more than 600 charging points distributed across the city. This number will reach 3,300 by 2024.

11 BCNMarket (Spanish)

The local e-commerce platform for shops and restaurants in Barcelona, which allows customers to shop online in the city's stores.

12 Online shopping at municipal markets 

Introduction of a communal channel for online and remote shopping at the 43 markets of Barcelona. With the possibility of having your order delivered to your home or collecting it at the storage service for dry or refrigerated products, outside of business hours.

13 Refrigerated shopping collection points at municipal markets

The new marketplace of Barcelona’s municipal markets will have an additional service of flexible shopping collection points; a storage service for dry and refrigerated products where orders will be available for collection even outside of business hours.

14 Drones to monitor the occupancy of the city’s beaches (Catalan)

Monitoring of the occupancy of the beaches of Barcelona through the use of drones and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques — for public safety reasons within the context of Covid-19.

15 App Check Barcelona

The first app in Europe that helps you plan your visits to monuments and sites of interest, providing real-time information about capacity, mobility and health protocols.

16 ARI: Intelligent Robotic Assistant

Companion and assistive robots with digital, interconnection and integration capabilities for all devices that can be installed in the environment of an elderly or dependent person. An advanced telecare system with mobility and configurable artificial intelligence elements.

17 VinclesBCN

Service through which senior citizens can manage their social relationships using a simple tablet or smartphone application as a communications tool. The app makes it possible for users to communicate with their families and friends, as well as with other people in VinclesBCN groups.



18 Superblocks

An internationally renowned transformation model for the streets of Barcelona aimed at regaining part of the spaces currently occupied by private vehicles to build a healthy and green city for people, with more community interaction, and promoting the economy of proximity. 

19 Low Emission Zones

We safeguard the air quality of the city and the health of our citizens by demarcating a protected urban area of more than 95 km2 in which circulation of the most polluting vehicles is restricted.

20 MES Barcelona
A tool to accelerate the city’s essential energy transition, encouraging the installation of solar panels and the energy rehabilitation of all kinds of buildings with a public-private investment model that does not entail costs for the beneficiaries.

21 Guardia Urbana’s electric motorbikes (Spanish)

Vehicles that help the Guardia Urbana officers get around in a more sustainable way. By swapping fossil fuels for electric energy, they contribute towards a significant environmental improvement

22 Data platform of the indicators of Barcelona’s 2030 Agenda

We provide citizens with the indicators of Barcelona’s milestones within the Sustainable Development Goals — in an open-source tool through which the data can be visualized and downloaded.

23 Pledger
We work to improve the safety of pedestrians and vulnerable street users using the new Edge Computing infrastructure.

24 Celeste

We develop ICT infrastructures to embrace a safer and more sustainable connected mobility, following the European norms and standards of the Intelligent Speed Assistant (ISA).

25 CityFlows
We improve the management of public spaces with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, and by analysing the flow of pedestrians in closed, popular tourist spaces using decision support systems (DSS).



26 “Ateneus de Fabricació” network

A municipal network of six public services where citizens, the educational sector and companies have free access to technological and digital equipment to carry out their projects.

27 ICT Agents (Catalan) 

An expert digital advice and guidance team to help use the electronic administration and to follow online processes for those who need it.

28 Connectem Barcelona

A programme to facilitate access to high-quality Internet in 400 homes affected by the digital divide in the Trinitat Nova neighbourhood (Nou Barris), and to evaluate the impact of combining access to network connection and to laptops and training initiatives.

29 Cibernàrium

Technological training for everyone and for all levels. A service to combat the digital divide and boost digital talent in the city.

30 IT Academy

Advanced technological training to improve job opportunities and competitiveness among companies — by training 3,000 people in Programming and Data in five years.

31 New programming campus 42Barcelona at Barcelona Activa’s Technology Park (Spanish)

An innovative and free programming campus with a revolutionary methodology and an average duration of three years. The campus is open all year so students can learn at their own pace. An initiative by the Barcelona City Council, the Government of Catalonia and Fundación Telefónica.



32 Barcelona Innovation Coast [Catalan] (Video)

A project to strengthen knowledge transfer from the research sector to companies in order to consolidate Barcelona as a global leader in innovation and in diversifying the urban economy. The project has the potential to create 40,000 high-value-added jobs in the next ten years.

33 Barcelona Accelera

An investment of 10 million euros in six regulated venture capital funds to promote innovative start-ups in the city and to maintain the competitiveness of the entrepreneurial and digital ecosystem - in light of the effects of Covid-19.

34 MediaTIC Incubator  

Incubator for high-technological impact start-ups working in fields such as the Internet of Things, Big Data or nanotechnology. This incubator helps to develop digital talent and to fight against the digital divide.

35 Plans for the digitalisation of micro-enterprises and self-employed people

Specialised technical support service to assist micro-enterprises and self-employed people in the different digitalisation processes — such as internet presence, online marketing strategies, online sales channels or digitalisation of the management processes of the company.

36 Re-connectant (Catalan)

Specialised technical support throughout the whole process of implementing the digitalisation plan for proximity commerce in Barcelona. Promoted by the Barcelona City Council, Barcelona Activa, Endesa and Barcelona Comerç.

37 Barcelona Retail Lab

A laboratory for the digital transformation of urban face-to-face commerce. Promoted by the Barcelona City Council, Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya and the CorEixample retailers association.

38 Prototype and innovation services for companies

Support provided to entrepreneurs and companies that want to develop their prototypes with specialised machinery and advice.



39 InnovAcció 2030 (Catalan)

An initiative to develop and test innovative, technological and digital solutions for the city’s challenges linked to the 2030 Agenda in the fields of social inclusion and sustainable mobility.

40 Proactive City (Spanish)

A call for innovation grants — to offer financial and technical support to projects that provide answers to the big urban challenges, like the digital and ecological transition.  

41 Urban Innovation Platform

A space for reflection and discussion among citizens, the academic world, the business fabric and the public administration aimed at fostering innovation in the city.



42 Collection Catalogue of citizens’ initiatives in defence of digital rights

A collection of 46 initiatives documenting what the associations and organisations in Barcelona are doing to promote and defend digital rights.

43 Barcelona’s leading role in the Cities Coalition for Digital Rights

Since 2018, alongside Amsterdam and New York, Barcelona has led a global network of more than 50 cities to promote public policies that guarantee human rights in digital environments.

44 Municipal strategy of algorithms and data to ethically boost artificial intelligence

A plan that establishes the mechanisms so that the introduction of artificial intelligence into the municipal management and services is carried out respecting citizens’ digital rights.


Check out the talks and workshops programme from Barcelona City Council’s booth at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2021.


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