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Digital social innovation in Barcelona: people first

The digital era is bringing rapid and profound changes to society and, therefore, to the relationship between citizens, enterprises and the public authority.

If Barcelona intends to become an ethical, open and responsible city it cannot do that alone but will have to count on all the potential it has at its disposal: from genuine public participation, whether for decision taking, shaping the city’s future or controlling own data generated by new technologies. 

Because people come first. And to ensure that is possible everyone will need to have genuine technological sovereignty.


Four interviews, eight experiences and one city

There is more than enough talent in Barcelona for building a digital city for the people. And these videos feature some of the people working to achieve that.

They are: Albert Cañigueral, from OuiShare Barcelona, and Anna Majó, the Director of Digital Innovation at Barcelona City Council; Mariona Ciller, co-founder of SokoTech, and Antònia Folguera, a curator at Sónar + D; Tomás Díez, the Director of Fab Lab Barcelona, and Núria Conde, the founder of DYBIO Barcelona and biohacker; Francesca Bria, the Barcelona City Council Commissioner for Digital Technology and Innovation, and Arnau Monterde, the leader of Decidim.

They met up to talk about the maker movement, education, technological vocations and creativity. About how we can shape the city through collaboration between the public authority and enterprises, and about the importance of data for the people's everyday lives.

Everyone shares experiences in videos


Barcelona aims to revolutionise the smart city agenda, by becoming a digitally sovereign city, a city that enables citizens to debate and coordinate their priorities and decide on the new ethics of technological innovations, with a clear social impact. You can find out more in the following video.


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