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On the eve of the call for subsidy applications for Proactive City 2021 urban innovation projects, which will open at the start of June, we offer you videos on the six winning projects of the previous edition, which are already at the pilot test development stage.

The projects were entered by associations, guilds, foundations, cooperatives, research and teaching institutes, universities and individuals.

They all meet the features required for this call: a demonstrable impact and quantifiable return; they are long lasting, promoted from below, implementable in the short term (they last twelve months at the most), and present economic and operational sustainability during their implementation and once the subsidy ends.

These projects share innovation and the joint action of city residents as their common denominator for solving the challenges raised by urban society and for improving, between all of us, our quality of life.


Discover the winning projects of 2020:

CO-mida (Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, IAAC; Sun Sun Love Association; Taula Eix Pere IV Association)

Developing a smart, vertical modular system for cultivating edible plants which, thanks to the bacteria present in the soil, produces the electricity required for the system to function.

CO-mida video (Spanish)


Dades × Comerç (Barcelona Open Data Initiative Association)

Incorporation of the use of data in small neighbourhood shops as an element of progress in digital transformations.

 Dades × Comerç video (Catalan)


GEGAAN (Alícia Foundation)

Providing elderly people with a minimum of knowledge, skills and motivation, and trains an active network that helps them to manage food with as much independence as possible.

GEGAAN video (Catalan)


Barcelona Revolta’t (Josep Maria Vallès Casanova, Tarpuna, Azimut 360, Lluís Creus SL, Inèdit Innova)

Introduces decentralised management of organic matter at five collection points (schools, canteens or restaurants), with a local farmer taking part who will mature the compost and apply the waste.

Barcelona Revolta’t video (Catalan)


JoinEnergy (Aiguasol, Azimut 360, Sostre Cívic)

Creation of a platform for self-managing energy communities with the goals of raising the level for making the most of roofs on multi-owned buildings and empowering citizens in the framework of energy transition.

JoinEnergy video (Catalan)


CO-HAB-RAVAL (Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Oasiurbà Association)

Compiles a catalogue, in a participatory process, for renovation micro-projects with short-term application inside dwellings and common spaces in the Raval neighbourhood, which can be implemented in collaboration with the association movement and the resident population and are applicable to Ciutat Vella.

 CO-HAB-RAVAL video (Catalan)

You can see the video on the “What is the present and what should the future of urban innovation be like?” conference. (Barcelona ReAct), where the Proactive City 2020 winning projects were presented, at this link (Catalan).




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