Call for the second session of the DSIPLAY cycle.
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DSIPLAY: New incubation and funding models for innovative social projects

It isn't always easy to secure funding for projects with a social objective and a technological profile. It isn’t unusual to find ideas that reach out to a large section of the general public, and have the right platform and technological support, but do not succeed because they lack the means to subsist financially.  

The DSIPLAY series of digital social innovation experiences continues with the session “New incubation and funding models for innovative social projects”, where various innovative social projects (start-ups) that are already set up and are in the operational phase, will explain the business model they have developed and what obstacles they have encountered along the way, from the initial conception of the idea to becoming satisfactorily established in the market.

An investor in social projects that has created their own platform will also take part in the session, sharing what criteria they use when choosing projects and what support mechanisms are provided to these projects once selected. 

The confirmed participants are: 

DSIPLAY is a new series of digital social innovation experiences that aims to show the general public the most outstanding Barcelona projects being implemented in this field. The cycle offers a series of experiences open to everyone to find out what digital social innovation is all about.


“New incubation and funding models for innovative social projects”

Date: Tuesday 15 October

Where: DAMM Auditorium Edifici Pier01. Barcelona TechCity

Time: From 5:30 to 7:30 pm

Format: Project presentation and ideas exchange with investors and the general public

You can register for the session here.

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