Exhibition “Humanising technology for BARCELONA” in Ca l'Alier.
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“Humanising technology for BARCELONA” puts the smart city policies and projects we are promoting on display

The “Humanising technology for BARCELONA” exhibition brings the municipal policies and actions that were on display at the municipal stand in this year's Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) to city residents. The exhibition explains municipal priorities in the area of digital technologies, approved public policies and the projects being carried out.

This is the first time the general public has been shown the content presented by the City Council at the SCEWC.

This initiative is the outcome of the City Council's wish to inform city residents about the most innovative municipal actions and projects that have been promoted in the field of urban planning aided by technology, commonly known as smart cities.


How should technology be applied in the city? Barcelona's model

At “Humanising technology for BARCELONA” we will find out what model Barcelona uses to apply technology in the city in response to the following position:

  • Barcelona City Council is working to ensure that technology is applied to improve all city residents’ quality of life. The primary objective is therefore to humanise technology, so that its use always prioritises people, and so that it is used to modernise and transform the public administration, offering city residents more and better services.
  • Technology must be at the service of a fairer society. Digitalisation opens the way to new economic models and new, more democratic ways of working. Technology also facilitates a fairer taxation system and new ways of relating to, and participating in, how the city works. The city government is working to ensure the rights of all city residents in the new digitalised society, the privacy of personal data and technological equality, without any exceptions.
  • The use of technology must be sustainable. It must help us to combat the climate emergency and its deployment must be committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Objectives. Furthermore, its use must be economically and socially sustainable and it must be committed to social cohesion, preserving cultural diversity, improving people's quality of life, empowerment and democratic values.


You can visit the “Humanising technology for BARCELONA” exhibition free of charge until 31 December, at Ca l’Alier. It is open from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays).


Exhibition “Humanising technology for BARCELONA” in Ca l'Alier.
Exhibition “Humanising technology for BARCELONA” in Ca l'Alier.
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