Presentació de DataCity Barcelona a l'Smart City Expo 2018.
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I.lab presents the companies for the mobility challenge

The Smart City Expo World Congress 2018 is the venue chosen for presenting the urban challenges and working groups for the first edition of the DataCity Barcelona programme, created by NUMA and promoted by Barcelona City Council's Digital Technology and Innovation Commissioner, through the i.lab.

DataCity is an urban innovation programme that invites technological corporations and companies to resolve urban challenges posed by city councils, where data is the main focus.

The programme's first Barcelona edition was launched in September, together with two large infrastructure and service companies. The challenge focuses on mobility themes and is being run in collaboration with Barcelona City Council Manager’s Office for Mobility and Infrastructures and the Municipal Data Office.

DataCity is structured in three phases: selecting the challenges, identifying technology-based companies to take part in each challenge and experimenting with the selected proposals.

The first challenge seeks solutions for reducing the impact of the urban distribution of goods, optimising delivery over the last mile. The organisations working on this challenge include the Manager's office for Mobility and Ferrovial Servicios, along with the two start-up finalists, 300.000km/S and Immense Simulations.  

The second challenge focuses on evaluating the impact of the new payment scenarios on the city's access roads. In this case, the organisations working with the City Council are the Albertis Group company Autopistas and the start-ups CIMA and Mosaic Factor.

The experimental phase will begin the week after the SCEWC and will continue until the end of February 2019. The results obtained will be presented at a demo day in Barcelona City Hall.


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