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Inspiring Girls and Fluttr win the challenge to empower women in the technology industry

On 18 October 2018, as part of the “Open City” Biennial of Thought”, an award ceremony was held for the challenge to empower women in the technology industry, an initiative developed with the Mobile World Capital Foundation and its d-LAB programme. 


Sara Díaz, director of Training and Innovation at Barcelona Activa, gave the opening speech at the event, which was held in the Cibernàrium. In it she underlined the commitment to offering training in innovation technologies with special support for women. Jordi Arrufí, director of d-LAB, also highlighted the need to attract talent in order to transform technology. 


Following this there was a roundtable with four distinguished women fighting to turn the stereotype of women in the world of technology on its head: Francesca Bria, commissioner of Digital Technology and Innovation; Eva Fabry, director of the European Centre for Women and Technology; Cheryl Miller, founding director of the Digital Leadership Institute, and Therese Jamaa, General Manager of GSMA.



During the debate, which was moderated by Carina Lopes, director of the think tank Digital Future Society at the Mobile World Capital Foundation, they spoke of the importance of having access to data in order to know the scale of the digital divide and its causes, of encouraging girls and women to learn and develop technological skills, and of making technology fun and attractive. They also mentioned the need to communicate more and to transfer everything happening in Barcelona in this field to Europe and the rest of the world. Lastly, they emphasised the importance of boosting the presence of women in all areas and placing them at the centre of the digital revolution.


Following the roundtable, Jordi Arrufí and Francesca Bria gave the awards to the two winning proposals: Inspiring Girls and Fluttr.


The winning teams will develop and jointly implement the pilot projects in Barcelona. The first winner, Inspiring Girls, is a project that boosts the self-esteem and professional ambition of school age girls, as well as their employment expectations. Promoted by a foundation that was set up four years ago with Miriam González Durántez, this project has created a global campaign called Inspiring Girls Online in order to connect girls aged 10 to 15 through technology, with examples of professional women to follow from all sectors and all levels and ages. They connect through an open digital platform where they can see a wide variety of interviews with women who perform different roles, and this enables all girls with access to the internet to learn from them.



The second winner was an online consultancy platform Fluttr. Founded by Amleto Montinari and Alessandro Franzi. The platform has a personnel selection system which uses big data to help companies select the best candidate, eliminating gender discrimination. This project, which is already on the market and was a finalist in the GSMA Women4Tech global challenge Hack_D_Gap in the latest 4YFN, aspires to become the best platform for helping to reduce the gender gap in the ICT sector and for helping women to access this part of the labour market. To achieve this aim, Fluttr proposes mentoring sessions applied to selection processes and the creation of an online academy with technological content and challenges to improve women's skills.




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