Manufacture of a covid protection equipment with a 3D printer.
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Makers vs COVID

The “Makers vs COVID” exhibition (FAB Casa del Mig - Punt Multimèdia, until 29 October) shows you the work being done by maker movements to meet the needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can discover the possibilities on offer from digital fabrication in today’s world, from face masks to ventilators.

We offer you the links to a few projects in case you’d like to take a look at them:

  • Fab labsmunicipal facilities popularising the technology and science behind digital fabrication. Using 3D printing and laser cutting, they make thousands of PPE (personal protective equipment) items.
  • Coronavirus Makers: benchmark maker community in Spain that has provided fast and efficient design responses for digital manufacturing. 
  • OxyGENis a device that automates the manual ventilation process for patients in emergency situations where there are not enough ventilators.
  • LibreGuard: is a free DIY mask for halting the spread of COVID-19. Designed for production with a laser cutting or punching machine. 
  • MaskCat: an idea from the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. Cardboard and PC masks.
  • Leitat 1: industrially scalable field ventilator.
  • Frax3D Ventilatormakers ventilators made using 3D printing and Arduino.  
  • Reesistencia: promoters of the first open-source independent ventilators.
  • MIT: the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed face shields made using a technique known as die-cutting which combines low-cost materials with rapid production. 

“Makers vs COVID” exhibition. At the FAB Casa del Mig - Punt Multimèdia until 29 October.



A man runs the program on the computer for the 3D printer to make a covid visor
Covid protection equipment made with 3D printers
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