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Projects awarded digital social innovation subsidies by ‘Impulsem el que fas 2017’ get under way

Subsidies were awarded in January to the projects chosen from the digital social innovation category of last year’s ‘Impulsem el que fas’ grants. The winning projects offer solutions for a wide range of needs with a high social impact for the city of Barcelona and its inhabitants, including recycling, training and digital inclusion, bridging the digital divide, stressing the gender perspective and combatting energy poverty.

For more information see the definitive resolution for the grant call.


The winning projects are:


  • ‘Ambaixadores i ambaixadors makers’, by the Fundació Pere Tarrés: the main aim of this project is the active inclusion and participation in Barcelona’s digital transformation by children, teenagers and young people in vulnerable situations. The project involves a pilot scheme at socio-cultural centres in order to empower a group of teenagers and turn them into ambassadors for the maker movement among this collective and neighbourhood residents. 


  • ‘Makers per la inclusió’, by Colectic: this project seeks to bridge the so-called digital divide at a secondary level, not in terms of access to internet and communication technologies, but rather in terms of knowledge and more advanced techniques reserved for a sector of the population with mid-to high level spending power. 


  • Hackaton dades x dones, by the association Iniciativa Barcelona Open Data: this project has the goal of co-creating technological and open data digital solutions to promote the economy based around the care of others. This, with effective equality criteria for women and co-responsibility in the neighbourhoods of Les Corts, Sarrià and Sant Genís.



  • ‘Can guifi. Monitorització contra la pobresa energètica’, by the Associació per la Expansió de la Xarxa Oberta: is a social technological project being run at two Barcelona properties and consisting of a complex monitoring and sensitisation system for open data, based on the open and neutral network Specifically, this project generates an energy consumption monitoring kit for different electrical home appliances and the infrastructural system of the pilot homes.


  • Plataforma col·laborativa i social per a la reparació i reutilització dels residus per empreses i administració pública, by Pangea: this project is a social and collaborative platform for repairing and reusing waste generated by companies and the public administration, as well as self-restoration and community and solidarity reuse services for members of the public, communities and education centres practising self-learning.



  • ‘Raval Data Commons’, by Eticas: this project is for a pilot model for responsible collaborative data in the neighbourhood of El Raval, generating more value for the neighbourhood ecosystem.


  • ‘SocialHack Nou Barris’, by Sharing Academy: reuse of a hackathon to respond to the most relevant needs of residents in the district of Nou Barris. A hackathon is a collaborative, creative and educational event, bringing together people from different fields of knowledge to jointly tackle a challenge specified by the organisers and which may result in the design of a number of technological projects.


  • Beepath’, by Dribia: citizen science project based on co-creation within STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) activities between teachers and secondary school students. The goal is to develop genuine research on students’ mobility in relation to their schools, based on geolocalisation data obtained using a mobile app.


  • Programa pilot de xarxa oberta de l’internet de les coses, by the Associació Free Knowledge Catalonia: pilot programme with the aim of promoting reflection on the potential of an open and neutral telemetric network when it comes to gauging existing public services, generating new opportunities for entities and businesses offering city services, and empowering the public (including the promotion of the role of women in the ICT field).


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