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Smart City Expo World Congress 2022: Barcelona leads the way. Welcome to the digital capital of Southern Europe

Barcelona has a plan to keep moving forward, with an ambitious and transformative roadmap to continue creating opportunities to guarantee a more competitive, sustainable and fair future: the Barcelona Green Deal. Barcelona inspires to shape the future and is one of the world’s main hubs of talent and digital start-ups to create tomorrow’s solutions. Barcelona innovates to care and grow. Welcome to a city that is committed to innovation, new technologies and the digital economy to facilitate life for its citizens and to promote new opportunities.


Discover the city’s projects and initiatives that make this possible:

Innovation to improve people’s lives




The mobile application that helps citizens to get around Barcelona, providing access to information and mobility services to make it easy for users to move around. The application allows users to consult public transport information in real time and also has an option to recommend routes in the city of Barcelona.


A-VICI: video platform for citizen services

The new municipal service that provides citizens with phone or videocall assistance to receive advice and carry out municipal procedures.


Lockers for smooth shopping collection

Dry or refrigerated lockers installed in Barcelona’s municipal markets, where customers can collect their shopping in a smooth, quick and secure way, even after market opening hours.


IRA (Intelligent Robotic Assistant) (Spanish)

Companion and assistance robots with digital capacities to interconnect and integrate all the devices that can be installed in an elderly or dependent person’s environment. It incorporates an advanced teleassistance system with mobility and configurable artificial intelligence elements.



A service with which elderly people can manage their social relations with a simple app on a tablet or smart phone. It facilitates communication with their family and circle of friends, as well as with people who comprise the VinclesBCN groups.


Cuidem Barcelona: Action viewer

A new tool to monitor the important public space maintenance actions carried out by Cuidem Barcelona, which are being developed in all the city’s districts and neighbourhoods during the 2022-2023 period.



Barcelona a la Butxaca

The application that provides the main municipal mobile services for citizens in one access point: current information, services, procedures, the city agenda, access to other apps and the possibility of reporting incidents by sending images.


Les meves ajudes (Spanish)

A simulator for citizens to find out what financial aid they are entitled to according to their personal situation, both from the Barcelona City Council, the Catalan Government and the state. It works anonymously, and indicates which aid can be applied for and the estimated amount, and provides links to the procedures to request them.


Barcelona Data Portal

Website that collects data from Barcelona City Council, as well as the information derived from them, for analysis. It facilitates dissemination and reuse to assist in evidence-based decision-making.


Robotisation in the Municipal Tax Office

Since 2020, the Municipal Tax Office has been running different processes consisting of implementing technology to perform repetitive tasks while increasing productivity.


ICT Agents (Spanish)

A digital literacy and support programme in which a team of experts in information and communication technology (ICT) advise people who are unfamiliar with ICT to help them use e-administration and carry out online procedures.


Electronic archive of Barcelona City Council

It facilitates the automation of administrative procedures, unifies criteria and streamlines the management of electronic documents and files. It allows a mass and cross-sectional use and reprocessing of documents and files across the whole organisation, improving internal administrative management and making it easier for citizens to carry out procedures and access information of interest.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automatisation of the manual and repetitive tasks of different administrative procedures in the City Council to improve the quality of services for citizens.



Cities Coalition for Digital Rights

Alongside Amsterdam and New York, since 2018 Barcelona has been at the forefront of a global network of more than 50 cities working to obtain public policies that protect human rights in digital environments.


Atlas of the Global Observatory of Urban Artificial Intelligence

An initiative that monitors artificial intelligence regulation, projects and strategies developed by cities around the world. Promoted within the framework of the Coalition of Cities for Digital Rights by Barcelona, Amsterdam and London, in collaboration with CIDOB, it produces and updates standards for the ethical application of artificial intelligence and identifies the barriers that prevent its fair, transparent and responsible use.



Directory of Citizens’ Initiatives in defence of Digital Rights
It consists of a list of 46 initiatives that document what associations and organisations in Barcelona are doing to uphold and protect digital rights.

Municipal strategy of algorithms and data for the ethical promotion of artificial intelligence

A measure that establishes the mechanisms to ensure that artificial intelligence is applied to management and municipal services while fully respecting citizens’ digital rights.


Innovation to create opportunities




Barcelona Innovation Coast

A project to consolidate the city as the capital of innovation in Southern Europe, with the aim of attracting and mobilising resources to build a competitive and sustainable model of local economic development in the sectors of mobility, energy, technology, digitalisation and health.


Barcelona Sports Hub

A space where the different agents of the sport tech sector can connect and be encouraged, with a view to improving their competitiveness, contributing towards promoting sport and projecting Barcelona as an international leader in the field.


Deep Tech Node
A new city initiative created at the end of 2021 to promote and provide support to Deep Tech start-ups and spin-offs, facilitating their access to the market, as a result of an alliance between the Barcelona City Council and Barcelona Activa with different Catalan universities (UB, UAB, UPC, UPF and UOC).


IT Academy
Advanced technological training to improve the employment and competitiveness of companies through the training of 3,000 people in programming and data in five years.


Digitalisation plans for micro small and medium-sized enterprises and the self-employed
A technical support service specialised in the different digitalisation processes: online presence, online marketing strategy, online sales channels, digitalisation of business management processes...



A feminist programme for the digital platform of the collaborative Barcelona Social and Solidarity Economy, which emerged as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic to promote and scale up projects focused on the right to the city.


Barcelona Retail Lab

A laboratory for the digital transformation of urban retail. Promoted by the Barcelona City Council, the Catalan Technology Circle and the Association of Retailers CorEixample.



Network of Fab Labs

A municipal network of 5 public installations and services where citizens, the educational sector and companies have free access to technological and digital devices to be able to develop their projects.


Connectem Barcelona

A pilot project for digital inclusion in districts which has facilitated access to quality internet to 400 digitally excluded homes in the Trinitat Nova district (Nou Barris). The initiative has helped to assess the impact of availing of an internet connection and laptop computers, and if this improves when accompanied by training and capacity-building actions.


DigitESSt and DigiDieta, tools for the digitalisation of the social economy (Catalan)

A self-diagnosis tool for associations and companies to find out their level of digitalisation. Based on the test result, the company obtains training recommendations to improve aspects of their digital skills.




Barcelona Innova Lab (Spanish)

A service to research, test and develop services and products in a precommercial phase in the urban space, understand their impact and approve their use, functioning and generation of public value before they are released onto the market.


InnovAcció 2030
Barcelona’s commitment to scale up sustainable and social urban innovation as a fundamental tool to achieve the 2030 Agenda, while openly and collaboratively responding to the needs and demands of the city and citizens.


Barcelona Innova Call: "The Proactive City" (Spanish)

A call for urban innovation grants to support the development and execution of projects that generate urban change with a quantifiable social return, and aimed at achieving positive and measurable impacts for the city of Barcelona and its citizens.


Innovation to shape the urban future





Barcelona Innova Challenge: "El nou panot del Segle XXI" (Spanish)

An appeal to the innovative ecosystem to find a new “panot” paving stone which, while maintaining the current design, is in line with the green and healthy city model Barcelona is promoting.


MES Barcelona

Instrument to scale up the city’s energy transition, encouraging the installation of solar panels and energy rehabilitation in all building types, with a public-private investment model that does not entail any costs for beneficiaries.

Moment Solar Barcelona (Spanish)

A campaign to use roof terraces to generate solar energy by supporting investment —with tax relief and subventions— and providing professional advice.




ENDOLLA Barcelona
It is the state’s largest network of electric charging stations for motorbikes and cars, with more than 650 stations, and with an even and inclusive distribution across the city.

Bicing (Spanish)
It is one of the safest, healthiest and most sustainable personal transport systems in the city of Barcelona, and one of the most highly valued bicycle services in the world. This year saw the launch of the first solar-powered bicycle redistribution vehicle, with solar panels installed on the top of the trailer.


Urban Lab Mobility

An alliance between Barcelona City Council, EIT Urban Mobility, the Barcelona Trade Fair and the DGT which will facilitate the execution of pilot tests and transformative projects to address the current challenges of urban mobility. The aim is to promote innovation in smart and sustainable mobility, in line with the sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda.

A30, technology for the Barcelona Fire Department

Operational vehicle from the Firefighters’ Command Centre, equipped with tools to facilitate coordination, management and decision-making in interventions. It is especially designed for long and complex services, and allows staff to work with and share the “Updated Representation of the Tactical Situation” in real time with the Management Centre.


Electric trail motorcycles for the Guàrdia Urbana (municipal police force) (Spanish)
Zero-emission vehicles with a range of 146 kilometres, increasing the sustainability of the Guàrdia Urbana’s mobility in the context of forest vigilance and the interior of urban parks. They reinforce the protection of the agents and have priority signalling systems and a GPS locator.

A European project that develops ICT infrastructures to provide a safer and more sustainable connected mobility, following European Intelligent Speed Assistant standards and regulations.



A European project that designs a system —in addition to the existing regulation— to increase the prevention of accidents. It incorporates artificial vision, geolocation and real time data to warn of events that may entail risks, and informs users of these through warnings on their personal micromobility vehicles.



A European project that works to improve the safety of pedestrians and vulnerable road users under the new infrastructure of Edge computing.

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