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SocialHack will be bringing together social activists with a passion for technology to meet Nou Barris’ social challenges

Sharing Academy and OuiShare are joining forces to organise SocialHack Nou Barris, the first hackathon to be held in Barcelona with the aim of bringing social innovation through technology to one of the Barcelona districts with the biggest inequalities.


The goal is for Nou Barris local residents and Barcelona’s social activists and technological innovators to work collaboratively to seek out solutions to the district’s most pressing social challenges. The Family Income Index available shows that eleven of Nou Barris’ neighbourhoods are below 60% of Barcelona’s average income, which is where the poverty-risk threshold is set.


SocialHack Nou Barris, OuiShare and Sharing Academy will be bringing together people from various professional fields and areas of knowledge (programmers, graphic designers, social workers, marketing and digital-community experts, entrepreneurs, members of Nou Barris’ more active associations and so on) to work jointly and organised in multi-disciplinary teams to tackle challenges raised by the district’s residents themselves, which will be realised in the design of one or more technological projects.


The project is divided up into three stages involving several tasks:


Entity mapping, knowledge capture and defining Nou Barris’ main social challenges


  • Mapping Nou Barris’ local-resident, social and economic-impetus entities for the purposes of finding out who is who in the district and the roles they play.


  • Selecting the most outstanding entities to hold meetings with them and document, in a joint work, all their knowledge on Nou Barris’ social situation.


  • All the knowledge captures will be used for focusing the hackathon on the real problems that Nou Barris’ local residents experience.


- 36 uninterrupted hours of Hackathon


The highlight of the project. Professionals from several disciplines, social innovators and local residents from Nou Barris will be meeting up behind closed doors for 36 to solve the challenges raised by the district’s entities. Local residents, social activists and technological innovators will be learning and sharing knowledge intensely. The Hackaton will be divided up into:


  • Meetings between organisers, volunteers and mentors: sharing the organisational structure.


  • Welcoming participants: reception, handing out of material, assignment of groups and logistics explanation.


  • Official welcome: presentation of the programme, list of mentors, methodology and evaluation criteria.


  • Presentation of challenges: where they come from (first stage).


  • Start of group work.


  • Presentation of the projects: preparing presentations, rehearsal and start of presentations.


  • Jury’s deliberation.


  • Awards ceremony.


- Following up the prototyped ideas in the hackathon for their implementation in the neighbourhood


  • The prototyped ideas that emerge from the hackathon will pave the way for us for taking them to Nou Barris and improving its social and economic situation. OuiShare and Sharing Academy have strong expertise in the collaborative economy, collaborative consumption, creating communities, social entrepreneurship, mentoring and person-to-person training. In addition, the two organisations’ extensive network of collaborating entities will help with achieving the goals drawn from the hackathon.


SocialHack Nou Barris will be a collective experience that has the common aim of finding solutions to real challenges for the sake of building a better future.


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