Presentation of the winners of the challenges i.lab.
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Solar Pavements and an Application Connecting Elderly People to Services Win the i.lab Challenges

“Clean energy from pavements”, by the company Sorigué, and “SOM Comunitat”, which aims to ensure the smart provision of care for elderly people, by the company URock, have won the “Energy-generating pavements” and “Effective care for the elderly” i.lab challenges, respectively. The challenges were launched by i.lab, the municipal laboratory for the acceleration of social and sustainable urban innovation.

Barcelona City Council drew these two urban challenges to a close within the framework of the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC). The winners were announced at an event held in the central meeting space of SCEWC, which was attended by the Commissioner for Digital Innovation, e-Government and Good Governance, Michael Donaldson. The five proposals that ended up as finalists for each challenge were presented at the ceremony.


"Clean Energy from Pavements"

The project “Clean energy from pavements”, by the company Sorigué working in collaboration with the Hungarian company Platio, won the “Energy-generating pavements” challenge. Their proposal involves solar pavements and roads as a new energy source that is easy to integrate into urban spaces, making the city a benchmark in architecture and sustainability.

 “Energy-generating pavements” is a challenge promoted by the Energy Agency and the i.lab programme, with the support of the BIT Habitat foundation, which seeks innovations that generate renewable energy using existing infrastructures, in this case the city’s pavements and roads.

Ten proposals were submitted from four countries: Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, and Germany. The finalists were Solmove GmbH, Energy Floors, Sorigué, Solum Photovoltaic, and Actisa.
The winning solution will receive a subsidy-award of €30,000 towards implementing a pilot project in Barcelona.


“SOM Comunitat”

On the other hand, “SOM Comunitat, connecting elderly people, voluntary workers, and local services in a smart manner”, the proposal from the company URock, won the “Effective care for the elderly” challenge.

SOM Comunitat, whose name literally means "WE ARE Community", is a platform that aims to improve care for the elderly and meet their social, healthcare, and emotional needs by promoting local volunteering and creating a channel for the dissemination of services geared towards the elderly. It works by means of a website and an app aimed at elderly people in each social superblock.

The winning solution will receive a €20,000 award for its implementation.

Fourteen proposals from Spain and Poland were submitted for this social challenge, and the finalists were Cellnex Telecom, URock, Safe365, Yumi Technology, and Berdac Smart Services.

2030 Agenda

Both challenges are part of the initiatives linked to 2030 Agenda and to the municipal government’s commitment to the sustainable development goals established in the document, and they contribute to the achievement of these goals.

Presentation of the winners of the challenges i.lab.
Presentation of the winners of the challenges i.lab.
Presentation of the winners of the challenges i.lab.
Presentation of the winners of the challenges i.lab.
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