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The Collide International Barcelona Award is presented at Sónar+D

Sónar+D was the setting for the presentation of the new award Collide International Barcelona, an accolade organised jointly by Barcelona City Council, the Institute of Culture and CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, the objective of which is to promote the arts and science. This award forms part of the Barcelona Science Plan.

The Dutch artist Rosa Menkman won this first edition from among 228 artists from 49 countries. The prize is a two-month stay at CERN, working alongside engineers, experts in IT technology, and laboratory staff in their research into particle physics.

After the stay at CERN, the artist will spend a month in Barcelona's Fabra i Coats - Contemporary Arts Creation Centre, where she will be able to further her research through dialogue and partnership with the city's researchers, artistic communities, and cultural programmes. In this second phase, the artists will get the chance to widen and apply their research through Barcelona’s scientific and cultural network.


Promoting entrepreneurship and digital and creative employment

As part of Sónar+D, the international congress that brings together the world's most creative minds with the aim of developing innovative projects, inspire new realities, and generate business and networking opportunities, Barcelona City Council promotes various activities designed to support people that work in the digital and creative industries sector, in the areas of entrepreneurship and employment.

With a view to capturing talent in the ICT sector, professional speed meetings were organised among thirty of Barcelona's innovation companies who were offering fifty job opportunities for professionals in web applications and website design, programming engineers, data analysis, and digital marketing.

At Sónar+D there are also several spaces for emerging companies, who are assisted by Barcelona Activa to secure investments through training capsules, meeting points with investment companies, and mentoring sessions.

Visits to companies in the Technological Park and the creative sector are provided for those participating in the Barcelona Mentoring Program to give them the chance to find out about all the opportunities the congress offers.

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