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The DSIPlay cycle officially opens with a tour through new forms of production and learning at the Maker Faire

If you believe technology can help make society more sustainable and you'd like to find out what digital social innovation is (DSI), then make a date with the new DSIPlay cycle and the tour that will take place this coming 5 October at the Maker Faire Barcelona.

The tour through new forms of production and learning is the first DSIPlay event, a cycle of experiences on digital social innovation featuring open interviews, workshops, and debates , which will be held at different venues in Barcelona between October and November.

The DSIPlay cycle will bring you the most innovative social projects that use digital technology to meet social challenges and ensure that the technological revolution benefits the entire city.

The tour through the new forms of DSIPlay production and learning will start with a presentation of the cycle at the Nau Bostik's Sala Roman Polankik (5.20 pm), the official headquarters of the upcoming edition of the Maker Faire.

The following is an itinerary through the fair with the visits to the following projects:


Barcelona City Hall / Barcelona Activa booth

The Town Hall stand will be the starting point of the tour and the piece that contextualizes it. The stand narrates several of the axes of Barcelona as a digital and technological city linked to the Maker movement, digital empowerment through education and the Ateneus de Fabricació . Live demos will take place at the booth during the tour.


Textile space

The textile industry is the second leading cause of pollution in the world. During the tour, we will discover several circular initiatives which point to solutions such as Back to Eco, which manufactures products with recycled jeans; Fab Textiles, which develops new materials and processes that illustrate how new technologies can change linear production and mass consumption, and ReGen, which produces accessories from every kind of shoe.


Social robotics

The SÒCRATES project will show us how tools that enable cognitive development and robot-person interaction are created. Do you fancy testing it out?


La Perversa 

In this space, the photographic process can be experienced in an entertaining, visual way. You will be able to take photos and have your photo taken, even by a giant Lenin head! What's more, you will meet Eva and Jacobo, “fotominuteros” [street photographers] who have built their own camera in the style used a century ago and have been bringing this old trade back to the streets of Barcelona.


El Barri Circular

Barri Circular experiments with assessing surplus food and bio-waste on a neighbourhood scale. You can reflect on how to improve the circularity of a local food system by creating value in Poblenou SISCODE!


Elisava Circular

To find out how designing can boost the circular economy through material-design, graphic-design, product-design, and interaction projects.


Honext Material

This initiative has created a new generation of high range reused materials based on vegetable elements, using a completely circular processing model.


Computer Vision Centre (CVC) 

A space where participants will be able to take up a challenge using their creativity, and see how AI responds to their solution. Using the pretend personality detector, they will be able to discover what they think others are like.


Artificial photosynthesis (Catalan Institute of Chemical Research

Two cars that require “fuel” to work. One of them a fuel made from petroleum, which releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and the other a fuel obtained from artificial photosynthesis, which generates an acceptable balance of dioxide. If we race them, which of the two will win?


Acoustic levitation

Obtain information about the numerous acoustic levitation applications in health care and industry, and discover how you can build your own device. Feel the power of ultrasound and get insects, liquids, and plastics to float in mid air.


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DSIPlay, a cycle of digital social innovation experiences
New forms of production and learning for transforming society.
Tour inside the Maker Faire Barcelona.
Day: Saturday, 5 October
Place: Sala Roman Polankik. Tour through the Nau Bostik.
Time: 5.20 pm to 7 pm


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