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Towards more sustainable procurement

On 28 November, as part of the Ajuntament+Sostenible meeting, a discussion was held on the new framework for procurement. The dialogue was conducted by César Sánchez from the Coordinator’s Office for Administrative Procurement, Mar Campanero, head of the A+S programme, and Anna Majó, technical director of Digital Innovation.


In order to move forward within this new framework for sustainable procurement, the participants in the discussion highlighted the most significant aspects, such as monitoring the execution of contracts. They specifically explained how the SAP application can be used to identify contracts where technical instructions relating to sustainability criteria have been applied. They also commented on aspects such as the regular development of results indicators and collaboration with the market in order to make progress in the range of more environmentally-friendly, social and innovative products and services.


Finally, the session commented on the new procurement law, which states that public contracts must be awarded in terms of efficiency, in short, according the best combination of quality and price, and taking into account environmental criteria.


Fab Atheneaums win an Ajuntament+Sostenible award


During the closing session, the Municipal Manager, Jordi Martí, and the Commissioner for Ecology, Frederic Ximeno, presented the Ajuntament+Sostenible awards to ten proposals for good practice. One of the awards went to the Fab Atheneaums network for embracing sustainability as a strategic operational aspect.