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We continue fostering free software

The first FlossBcn meeting of the year took place in the CERC Pati Manning auditorium on Tuesday 9 April, with the support of Barcelona City Council.

FlossBcn is a non-profit community for entities, professionals, researchers and companies in the field of free and open source software.

On this occasion, the event centred around a talk-debate on municipal strategies for digital empowerment, 47 specific municipal policies to promote digital empowerment from city councils.

On behalf of Apoderament Digital, Aleix Pol and Muriel Rovira spoke, explaining the 47 measures divided into 6 main themes:

  1. Telecommunications infrastructure
  2. Free Software
  3. Data policy
  4. Democratisation of technology
  5. Public procurement of electronic devices and circularity
  6. Free standards

The objective of the promoters is that these proposals are incorporated into the majority of the electoral programmes of the candidates at the next Municipal Elections.


Promotion of free software

 A couple of hours before the event, a meeting took place at the City Hall with the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) and the local community Barcelona Free Software.

The role of the FSFEmeans they are more in touch with local communities of free software and the various local European Public Administrations, enabling them to share success stories and best practices.

For its part, the City Council was able to outline successful projects such as Decidim and CityOS, where the importance of creating a community around free software projects is well known.


Public Money, Public Code

The day before, Barcelona Free Software and the FSFE organised a round table at the Escola del Treball on the FSFE campaign Public Money, Public Code, which calls for legislation to ensure that software funded by the public sector using public money is always open-source and open-code.


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