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Workshop on data sharing at the Next Generation Internet Policy Summit

Barcelona has shared experiences and success stories regarding Data Sharing and digital rights at the Next Generation Internet Policy Summit (NGI). The workshop was held on 28 September and in addition to Barcelona, it saw the participation of cities such as Long Beach, San Antonio, Saragossa, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Toronto, Rennes and Portland, all of which form part of the Cities Coalition for Digital Rights.

Data sharing is essential for the development of efficient digital public services. Examples of this concept are the availability of data through open data portals, public-private collaboration as a mechanism for sharing information or the inclusion of specific clauses regarding data governance in the specifications that regulate public contracts.

Barcelona is a leading city in data sharing and has taken advantage of the workshop to share local experiences. A good example of this is the Barcelona Open Data portal, which now houses 481 datasets available to citizens, companies, civil society and other public administrations.

The integration of the position of all the bikesharing vehicles (multi-user motorcycles) together with other forms of individual urban transport to the smou app is an example of public-private collaboration as a mechanism for data sharing.

In addition, the Telecommunications Services contract that is currently in force includes administrative clauses that oblige the supplier to provide mobility data on users to the city of Barcelona in order to carry out urban mobility studies.

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