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Promoting the role of technology in education.

Technology in education is a reality and the city is the venue for various events where that is made evident. The educational community, schools, families, children, young people, the research community and businesses get together in these events, which fulfil an educational, demonstrative and inclusive role. Good examples are the active presence of Barcelona City Council at YOMO (Youth Mobile Festival) and the STEAM Conference.

The Barcelona Digital City Plan's objectives include fostering new jobs and educating and training the general public in the use of new technologies, from children to professionals, in what is now called "jobs of the future" or employment in the 21st century. In order to do this, it works with the education community and various Barcelona public organisations (Fab Labs, civic centres, libraries, Cibernàrium, etc.) which act as agents to fulfil this need.

However, it is not only necessary to act, but also to expand the scope of these actions, ensure that they reach as many people as possible, and that the maximum amount of information is transmitted. For this reason, events such as YOMO and the STEAM Conference allow us to reflect on the role that technology can play in education and provide the education community and families with that information.

Workshops are held, with the collaboration of various public and private city organisations, with the aim of introducing children and other audiences to collaborative participation, recycling as an active feature of creation, science and new technologies, always with a marked social content and distanced from the user-consumer model. This gives younger children the chance to become creators.


Experiences and learnings from the digital manufacturing educational programme

Fri, 30/07/2021 - 11:11

Digital education. The conclusion of the digital manufacturing educational programme, with a focus on shared experiences and learnings between the participating centres and the Fab Labs teams.

Els Ateneus de Fabricació ofereixen espais per aprendre, crear i formar-se

Summer comes to Barcelona's Fab Labs

Wed, 23/06/2021 - 14:28

Digital inclusion. The school year is over and there are various maker activities on the Fab Lab summer agendas.

The Fòrum becomes a huge lab for experiments

Wed, 19/05/2021 - 15:24

Education. Over a thousand students from eighteen centres take part in the second edition of the STEAM - Fòrum.

The City Council and BIST renew their commitment to turning science into a key element of the city’s development

Wed, 28/04/2021 - 14:30

Science. ayor Ada Colau and Deputy Mayor Joan Subirats met yesterday with the top representatives of the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology and its seven research centres.


Tallers STEM. Experimentem amb la tecnologia (5-7)

Del 04/10/2021 al 25/10/2021
American Space Barcelona
Carrer del Segre 24*32 (Sant Andreu)

Taller 'Disseny i impressió en 3D' *NOU*

Del 07/10/2021 al 25/11/2021
Centre Cívic Casa Golferichs
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 491 (Eixample)

Taller 'Iniciació a la impressió 3D'

Del 18/10/2021 al 20/10/2021
Punt Multimèdia de Sants - Montjuïc *Casa del Mig
C Muntadas 1*5 (Sants-Montjuïc)
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