Urban Innovation Platform

Description / Objectives

A place for reflection and dialogue between the public, the world of academia, the business network and the public administration to boost innovation in the city.


The Barcelona Urban Innovation Platform (PIU) is a place for reflection and dialogue between Barcelona City Council’s various areas and the parties in the quadruple helix (the public, the world of academia, the business network and the public administration) that provides a structure for the support, acceleration and distribution of innovation in the city.

It is composed of all the people in the BIT Habitat Foundation’s governing bodies. This is a total of 100 people from different fields and disciplines who are committed to working together to make Barcelona more inclusive, sustainable, resilient and safe.

The first agreement between the members of the PIU is set out in the document Commitment to boosting innovation in Barcelona. A common and agreed narrative capturing the shared vision of what is understood by the term innovation, the purposes and people it should serve, and the commitments reached to promote it in the city.

In order to promote innovation in Barcelona and respond collectively to the urban challenges facing the city, the members of the PIU have made the following commitments:

  • To collaborate in an honest and productive manner, acknowledging their paths and differences.
  • To be open to the incorporation of new visions and perspectives from an intersectional approach.
  • To review and periodically rethink their structures, priorities and processes in order to respond to the needs, demands and aspirations of the people who live and work in Barcelona and its Metropolitan Area.
  • To identify and prioritise missions that require joint, courageous and urgent action as a city.

See the manifesto



Three proposals for creating a 21st-century paving stone

Mon, 04/07/2022 - 17:51

Urban planning and infrastructures. The selected solutions will be tried out in an pilot test towards the end of the year, in the framework of the Barcelona Superblock and the reurbanisation of Eixample’s green hubs.

Agreement to drive the mobility of the future

Mon, 27/06/2022 - 13:35

Mobility and transport. Barcelona will be a test bed for smart and sustainable urban innovation projects.

Grants for projects in strategic lines of the State Plan for Scientific, Technical and Innovation Research 2021-2023

Thu, 16/06/2022 - 17:42

Science. The Ministry of Science and Innovation has earmarked 70,000,000 euros as the maximum amount for the funding of this call, which opened on 14 June until 5 July.

A boost for enterprise and innovation in the digital health sector

Tue, 14/06/2022 - 14:22

Digital healthcare. An agreement with the Barcelona Health Hub to attract talent and investment, at the same making Barcelona a world leader in digital healthcare.


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