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Empowering women in the technology industry

Description and Objectives

The gender gap that exists in the technology industry is increasingly regarded as a serious problem that has to be tackled not just by the public and private sectors but also by political decision-makers.

The speed of today’s technological development and its effects on all aspects of our society and daily lives only highlight how technology-based products and services should not be developed merely on the basis of half the population's perspective.

That means we need to find ways to stimulate, encourage and support more girls and women to study, work and professionally grow in areas directly relating to technology.

BIT Habitat has collaborated on the Mobile World Capital Foundation’s d-Lab programme, as part of the Empowering women in the technology industry challenge, which looked for digital projects and solutions to reduce the gender gap within the technology sector, which were systematically reproducible and scalable.

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Fluttr és una plataforma amb un sistema de selecció de personal que, a través del Big Data, ajuda a les empreses a seleccionar el millor candidat eliminant la discriminació per gènere. El projecte aspira a convertir-se en la millor plataforma per ajudar a reduir la bretxa de gènere en el sector TIC i facilitar que les dones accedeixin a aquesta part del mercat laboral.


Inspiring Girls

Inspiring Girls is a project that boosts the self-esteem and professional ambition of school-age girls, as well as their employment expectations. The project created a world campaign entitled Inspiring Girls Online to connect, through technology, girls aged 10 to 15 with exemplary women professionals from every sector, level and age.

Inspiring Girls
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