Challenge completed
How can we gain better knowledge of the use of the city’s play areas?

Description and Objectives

The Project

One of Barcelona City Council’s objectives is to promote play and active leisure activities in public spaces, and to this end it is continuing to roll out a network of play areas (more than 870 at the end of 2018)

In order to best adapt the play areas to the needs and expectations of local residents, the City Council wishes to incorporate technological innovation requirements in upcoming tender processes related to the city's play areas. This will provide the council with information that will make it easier to manage these spaces.

Through a process of internal reflection, the City Council has defined a two-fold challenge related to improving the planning and maintenance of these play areas.


The challenge

The aim of the challenge is to have access to reliable data on the use and state of the spaces and the play and leisure elements in order to take better decisions regarding the type and availability of play equipment and to adapt the spaces to the preferences of the children and those that accompany them.


What we are looking for

We are looking for data like the following:

On the children:

  • Number of users in each play area at different times of day
  • User details: age ranges, duration of visits, journeys
  • Data on the frequency of use of the elements and inadequate uses
  • Age ranges of users for each play area
  • Perception of the value of the spaces and the equipment and features


About the people accompanying the children:

  • Number of people accompanying children in each play area at different times of day
  • More details on the users: age ranges, duration of visits, interactions, etc.
  • Occupation of the rest areas (benches)
  • Detection of opportunities to add value to the visit while accompanying the child
  • Perception of the value of the spaces and the equipment and features


About the spaces and elements:

  • Measuring the temperature of surface areas that can become hot in the sun (e.g. metal slides)
  • Measuring the exposure to sun of the space
  • Measuring light levels


What you will get

  • Presentation of the winning solutions at the event for presenting the specifications of the upcoming invitation to tender for providing the service of conservation of children's play areas, leisure areas for senior citizens, gym areas, benches, waste bins, picnic tables, table-tennis tables, basketball baskets, enclosures and signs of parks and gardens in the city, scheduled to take place in February 2019.
  • Direct access to a network of decision-makers from companies with the potential to incorporate these solutions in their offers for the provision and maintenance of play areas in the city.
  • Public recognition from Barcelona City Council
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