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How to reduce the impact of the urban goods distribution by optimising the last mile?

Description and Objectives


DataCity is an urban innovation programme that invites technological corporations and companies to solve urban challenges posed by Barcelona City Council, with data as their central tool. DataCity Barcelona 2018 is promoted by the Commissioner for Technology and Digital Innovation. This first edition involves tackling the challenges set out in Barcelona City Council’s Urban Mobility Plan.



Department of Strategy at the Manager's Office for Mobility and Infrastructures at Barcelona City Council, which is in charge of strategic urban-mobility planning in Barcelona and of drafting Barcelona's urban mobility plans.

Multinational company for urban services infrastructures and management.



This challenge is aimed at estimating the volume of urban goods distribution in Barcelona and the impact of different delivery scenarios for the end custom.




  • Data Engineering
  • Data Science & Analysis
  • And having data from projects previously carried out in Barcelona relating to urban-mobility issues

Level of maturity: sufficiently advanced stage of development to have proven experience and a track history (startups or SMEs).

Dedication: you will have to dedicate between two and three months for experimenting with a solution, together with a team made up of the above-mentioned participants and the Data City facilitator team.



  • Developing an urban mobility project in one of the Europe’s main cities.
  • Accessing a global innovation network to scale its solutions.
  • Working with the operational teams of the Corporation and Barcelona City Council.
  • 7,500 euros payment to cover the costs of the experimentation stage (No equity holding will be taken).



300.000km/S i Immense Simulations

300,000km/s and Immense Simulations are the two start-ups that will develop a solution for the challenge with the City Council. 300,000km/s is a professional firm of architects, urban planners and engineers that offers design, data analysis and advice services for cities. They apply technology to architecture, city and territory to achieve innovative solutions. Immense Simulations is a software company dedicated to intelligent mobility. It has created an innovative digital platform for making informed decisions about the movement of people and goods through simulation.

More information here.


Representants de les startups 300.000km/S i Immense Simulations.

Collaborating entities

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