Maker District

Description / Objectives

Open, productive, sustainable, collaborative city project in Poblenou.

The Maker District pilot project in Poblenou is based on a prototype of a productive and scalable city, which aims to contribute to the city's reindustrialisation through activities and projects that promote interaction between local communities and citizen initiatives, while also being linked to a global community.

Poblenou's Maker District is a pilot project for digital social innovation that aims to foster a mixed community of workshops, maker spaces, fab labs, universities, research institutions, restaurants, companies and active social movements present in the neighbourhood and which encourage new values for Barcelona: the values of a city that is open in terms of collaboration, democracy, production, innovation and creation.

The Maker District aims to generate a new narrative that goes beyond 22@, the innovation district based on the knowledge economy, and contribute to the development of products, services and interventions generated by the Maker movement and small-scale citizen initiatives, in order to share them with a global community.

The initiative will help to promote the creation of activities and projects that foster interaction within the local community and the strengthening of reindustrialisation processes in the urban fabric with added-value features, such as the use of cutting-edge technologies for local production, training workers to face new challenges in the workplace in the immediate future and fostering Industry 4.0

Poblenou's Maker District is based on an international perspective of the "fab city", the construction of a new model for cities that makes it possible to reduce their environmental and social footprint through the local production of food, energy and products, and the worldwide exchange of knowledge using the power of the Maker Movement and the global fab-lab network. Barcelona is the world leader in this project.


Europe’s first 3D-printing project incubator opens in Zona Franca

Mon, 11/02/2019 - 18:30h

Innovation. The centre should provide support for 100 business projects in five years.

Common front to negotiate with large digital platforms

Wed, 14/11/2018 - 15:48h

Technology. Barcelona and 49 cities from around the world adhere to a declaration to regulate the collaborative economy and guarantee the right to live in cities.

Sharing cities agreement to regulate collaborative digital platforms

Thu, 08/11/2018 - 12:01h

Economy. The Sharing Cities Summit is on from 12 to 15 November as part of the Smart City Expo World Congress.

IoT Solutions World Congress tackles the impact of Industry 4.0.

Wed, 17/10/2018 - 11:58h

Technology. From 16 to 18 October, Barcelona will host the 4th IoT Solutions World Congress (IoTSWC), the international benchmark event on innovations from the Internet of Things (IoT) in the industrial sector.


Festival 'Printer party BCN 2019 - Edició Ameba'

Punt Multimèdia de Sants - Montjuïc Casa del Mig
C Muntadas 1 (Sants-Montjuïc)
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