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A more efficient service thanks to the data on Bicing use.

Having a bicycle to move around the city is nothing new. It would almost seem strange if Barcelona did not have a service like this one, now that, as the years go on, almost all large metropolises have one.

It would be easy to forget that when we launched Bicing for the first time in March 2007, it was just three months before more than 84,000 people were using the service. Back then we were not collecting so much data, but now we are. Data is collected through the service app, which also provides a list of stations, bike availability and the best routes to get to your destination.

What do we do with the usage data collected by the app? Data is analysed in an ethical way in order to better share the bikes and optimise vehicle transit.


Av. Meridiana. Ciutadella-Glòries. Aèria

Barcelona collaborates on the 5G Catalunya project

Wed, 09/06/2021 - 13:49

The 5G Catalunya project is to be developed with the collaboration of various organisations, such as Barcelona City Council, Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Fira de Barcelona, i2cat, Intel and the IESE business school.

Hack the Hospital, Barcelona, Boston, repte, tecnologia, salut

Innovative proposals to improve hospital stays for teenagers

Mon, 10/05/2021 - 14:30

Smart City. Hack the Hospital is an international hackathon which will bring together teams of professionals and patients from Barcelona and Boston.

Digitisation of the maintenance of metro line 5 (L5)

Fri, 30/04/2021 - 09:49

Mobility and transport. The aims are to avoid breakdowns and maintain the equipment more efficiently.

Solar paving to generate electricity in Plaça de les Glòries

Wed, 28/04/2021 - 11:24

Environment and sustainability. The pilot project will see an area of 50 square metres get solar energy generating paving to produce 7,560 kWh a year, equivalent to the consumption of three homes.


Congrés "Smart Mobility Congress"

Del 16/11/2021 al 18/11/2021
Fira Barcelona - Recinte Gran Via
Av Joan Carles I 64 (Hospitalet llobregat)
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