It would seem that, in the general discourse, video games are still left out of a digital media ecosystem in which these spaces represent spaces of subjectivisation and social and political mediation.

Every day, a significant amount of data, personal details, emotional and biopolitical relationships transit the virtual world of gaming and take hold there. These political questions do not happen in a vacuum but are rarely analysed or subject to debate, rather they form part of a tapestry of technopolitical relations that occur as part of contemporary life.

Arsgames seeks to serve as a starting point for a wider debate on digital sovereignty, digital citizenship, data protection and digital rights in the world of video gaming.

This platform, which defends digital rights in video games, has a twofold objective:

  • Undertake a diagnosis of the state of digital rights in the field of video games on an international scale.
  • Raise awareness amongst professionals in the sector, citizens and the public administration of the need to regulate and have greater control over the video gaming industry in terms of the protection of users’ digital rights.

First workshops in the defence of digital rights in video gaming

Videos of the Dret al Joc Digital (Right to Digital Gaming) workshop (November 2020)

Dret al joc digital

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