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This educational research project seeks to understand the levels of literacy required at school, university and in society to ensure an equal and fair existence in data-rich environments. We believe that datafication will form part of the smart environments that we live, study and work in.

The initiative has organised 12 workshops and 10 webinars to address this problem. It is also collating a list of educational practices to develop "critical data literacy"; and it has analysed the conditions of use of the most common software used by students at UOC. 

Pathways to openness in Networked Learning research: The case of Open Data - Resources and Notes from the Field

Exploring the Potential of Open Data: From ongoing practices to future scenarios

Notes from the field Workshop: Datified society and education. Beyond the abundance of data, towards a critical and constructive perspective

Exploring the literacies to open Technology-Enhanced Learning Research. Notes from the field

Data Activism as scholarly pursuit. Workshop Instruments and Results

Open Data as driver of critical data literacies in Higher Education: Which Data, Which Openness, Which Care? 

Why should we care about datafication? Critical data literacies in higher education

Open Data as Open Educational Resources: Results of an online workshop

Interview with Juliana Raffaghelli (UOC) [video]

Towards a critical perspective on data literacy in higher education. Emerging practices and challenges

Critical digital literacy in the use of data: a major challenge for 2021

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