The Influencers

The Influencers is a research, dissemination and production project involving experimental art, design and activism practices on digital network society. Since 2004, an annual festival has been dedicated to creative practices, new artistic and performance languages and forms of radical entertainment, addressing topics such as the materiality of the Internet and new visual cultures; collective intelligence, the culture of users and the role of artists; critical engineering and technopolitics; the study of technological infrastructures and urban exploration; innovation through the remix and hacker culture, to name just a few. 

The Influencers has created Freeport, an artistic research project organised by laboratories aimed at new professionals and creators from all areas of contemporary art production, experimental design and critical technology. Its aim is to promote extra-academic research and creation to address the challenges of computing at a planetary scale: exploring the planet's geographies, detecting blind points, developing languages and creative strategies for representing this system of technological, social, biological and geological systems and potentially intervening and redefining them. 


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