Bit Habitat - i.lab FAQs

What is a challenge?

This is a new way to meet one of the city’s complex needs that requires innovative solutions.  A challenge begins with an open question launched by the City Council for discovering new approaches to resolving social and urban problems.

Who can take part in a call for applications?

Calls for applications are open to individuals and organisations from the private, public, social and academic sectors. Calls are international in their scope. Eligibility criteria may differ in each call and are specified in the terms and conditions of each challenge competition.

What are the stages in a call?

  1. Launch of the challenge

  2. Presentation of proposals (between six and eight weeks)

  3. Evaluation: selection of finalists and winner(s) (between four and five weeks)

  4. Award ceremony

  5. Demonstrator (between three and six months): implementation of the winning solution in a real context.

Is i.lab a physical space?

i.lab has a physical space, Ca l’Alier the headquarters of urban innovation, but it is much more than that. It is a methodology for transforming the way social and urban services are delivered, openly and collaboratively, with city residents’ needs at the centre. 

What is the quadruple helix?

The interrelationship between:

  • Citizens
  • Companies
  • Universities and research centres
  • Public authority
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