A fair, sustainable, digital and global city model

A fair, sustainable, digital and global city model

City Council. The ‘Barcelona, Global City’ plan seeks to strengthen the city’s role in the world.

The City Council is launching its first three-year master plan on international relations by the name of ‘Barcelona, Global City’. The plan is aimed at strengthening the city’s position in the context of the current socio-economic crisis caused by Covid-19.

The ‘Barcelona, Global City’ plan sets out an international relations model for the city to move forward as a global player, strengthen its municipal services and put Barcelona and its people on the world map as a place of opportunities and rights. The plan is based around five main goals, with 24 areas of action. The goals are to:

  1. Promote municipal policies: to disseminate polices and good practices implemented in the city, promoting them to international bodies.
  2. Make the city a science and technology hub: to defend the values of a people-focused digital city, through technological humanism and joint strategies with other cities in Europe and around the world.
  3. Stand up for rights, feminism and diversity: for human rights and equality to provide the framework for international debates.
  4. Favour the fair ecological transition: to internationally promote Barcelona’s model for a fair transition and to promote links to European policies which allow resources to be secured for European climate funds.
  5. Foster the participation of cities at an international level: to promote networks for cities to have their own voice and to speak up for the needs and opportunities offered by cities in the current global context.


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