Agreement for improving the general public’s digital skills

Agreement for improving the general public’s digital skills

Technology. L’Ajuntament de Barcelona i la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) han signat un conveni per impulsar la millora de les competències digitals de la ciutadania.

Barcelona City Council and the Open University of Catalonia (OUC) have signed an agreement to promote the improvement of the general public's digital skills. The initiatives will include creating a digital-skills map and an observatory in this field. One of the goals is to reduce the digital gender gap.

Over 10,000 people are trained every year at the Cibernàrium. They will be able to create a training pathway adapted to their needs and measure the achievement of each level of skill. Furthermore, the strategy has been adapted to each territorial reality, so it is available to everyone; especially to those at risk of digital exclusion.

Digital-skills map and observatory

One of the planned initiatives is the creation of a digital-skills map which will help people to identify all the expertise, skills and attitudes they have in this field.

The map will enable analyses to be made of the level of digital skills each person has; so they know where they are, i.e. what they know and what they still require in order to become a digital citizen. It will also suggest training pathways adapted to level of knowledge, interests or needs.

The project also provides for the establishment of a digital-skills observatory as a consultation tool not just for city residents but also for universities and research institutes. It will be a digital space where the public will be introduced to digital trends, indicators and the uses and habits of digital societies, based on a collection of studies, reports, articles, market prospectuses, statistics and interviews.

Meanwhile, a training programme will be designed with pathways linked to obtaining an equivalent to the ACTIC accreditation ― Accreditation of Skills in Information and Communication Technologies from the Catalan regional government ― in three levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced.


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