Barcelona and Cisco start testing for the IRIS European cybersecurity project

Barcelona and Cisco start testing for the IRIS European cybersecurity project

The Intelligence Threat Reporting and Incident Response System (IRIS) is the platform for detecting security weaknesses in future ICT networks

Barcelona City Council is taking part in the European IRIS H2020 project, which has the goal of integrating a unique platform for the Internet of Things (IoT), the network of everyday objects and devices connected through sensors, software and other tech so that they can exchange data between them and via the internet. Using AI, this will provide support for IT emergency response centres (CERT and CSIRT) to assess, detect, respond to and share information on threats and vulnerabilities in ICT systems, and in turn minimise the impact of risks to cybersecurity and privacy.

Along with Helsinki and Talinn, Barcelona is one of the European cities with smart city characteristics chosen to demonstrate and validate the cybersecurity platform. The IRIS Consortium, where CISCO, ATOS and the UPC are also collaborating, will provide knowledge and tech solutions for the pilot project, offering an experience to be reused in Barcelona City Council’s corporate network.

The Municipal IT Institute will be tasked with implementing various use cases in the city which will enable design proposals for the platform to be put forward. The Urban Lab associated with the IRIS project is being developed in the 22@ area and will provide a testing ground in a real urban environment so that testing can be validated, helping protect European communities from a cybersecurity perspective.

The first test in Barcelona will use technology developed for improving safety and preventing potential accidents involving vulnerable passers-by (including pedestrians and people with personal mobility vehicles such as bicycles and scooters, plus people on foot etc.).

IoT connections will represent nearly 60% (3.6 billion) of all connections by devices connected to the network in Europe in 2023. As smart cities continue to broaden their platforms for use by IoT and AI, new cyber-attacks occur. Identifying, responding and sharing data on attack vectors between security professionals is becoming increasingly complex.

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