Barcelona as a city of science and knowledge

Barcelona as a city of science and knowledge

Culture and free time. Presentation of the document developing the Barcelona Science Plan 2020-2023, devoted to the international projection of the city’s science model.

The ‘Barcelona city and science’ meetings, held on 3 and 17 March and 23 April, provided spaces for debate and reflection on new challenges and combatting the effects that Covid-19 has had on the city’s model for international projection. The sessions led to six main challenges and 30 actions to be implemented in the next two years.

The document presented develops the strategy in the Barcelona Science Plan 2020-2023 and establishes the collective commitments between the City Council and the city’s science community to promote and consolidate Barcelona as a city of science at an international level.

The sessions for reflection and debate brought together fifty people from 35 academic and scientific institutions to address six main challenges.

  1. Social and work environment of research staff: to make Barcelona an attractive city to set up in and remain in.
  2. Scientific innovation and tech and knowledge transfer: growth of the city’s economic and scientific network.
  3. Coordination spaces between research centres and universities in the city and the metropolitan area.
  4. ‘Barcelona Science’ brand: a benchmark for the city. Research centres, universities and scientific and academic professionals.
  5. Scientific culture in the city and participatory science.
  6. Dialogues and collaboration between research centres, universities and Barcelona City Council.

Science as a tool for tackling the challenges of the 21st century

The Barcelona Science programme was conceived to promote scientific knowledge and get citizens involved in its progress. Barcelona Science invites everybody to have a say in its development, its processes and results for scientific research, in line with criteria on ethics, transparency, equality and open access to knowledge.


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