Barcelona Digital Talent, More and Better Digital Talent

Barcelona Digital Talent, More and Better Digital Talent

Tecnologia. Barcelona Digital Talent aims to position Barcelona as the capital of digital talent under the Mobile World Capital umbrella.

This December, Barcelona Digital Talent will start its activities with the aim of attracting and retaining digital professionals from both the local and the international spheres in order to address the city’s lack of digital talent and the increase in technology-based businesses that demand profiles with digital skills.

Barcelona Digital Talent is a partnership between public and private institutions whose founding partners include Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya, Barcelona Tech City, 22@Network, the industry and entrepreneur representation association Foment del Treball Nacional, the Generalitat de Catalunya and Barcelona City Council. The proposal has also been created with the support and collaboration of GSMA.

This is the first public-private partnership in Barcelona aimed at generating more and better digital talent. It will work in a coordinated manner, with a joint strategy and optimising efforts.


 Reducing the Gap

The Barcelona Digital Talent programme will focus on four fields of action:

  • Developing the skills of non-digital talent to turn it into digital talent.
  • Attracting international professionals.
  • Encouraging existing training programmes to adapt to the digital skills demanded by the market.
  • Promoting digital training and interest among the new generations.

Barcelona Digital Talent’s aim with these actions is to reduce the gap that currently divides the demand for IT professionals from the profiles available in the city of Barcelona.

Turning Barcelona into the capital of digital talent, at the level of other European centres such as London, Stockholm, Helsinki or Paris, is one of the programme’s main goals.

It is worth remembering that Barcelona already has one of the highest concentrations of innovation hubs in southern Europe, such as the Nestlé or Zurich ones; that successful start-ups such as Wallapop, Letgo or Glovo have established their headquarters in the city; and that it hosts international fairs and congresses in the field of IT, such as the Barcelona MWC.


The Present and Future of Digital Talent

Barcelona Digital Talent will analyse the gap between supply and demand for digital talent in the market.  The aim is to identify the skills for which there is most demand among IT professionals in Barcelona and to transfer to the market the emerging skills that will be needed in future.

In the next few months, Barcelona Digital Talent will present a tool that will make it possible to decode all of this data and make decisions in order to achieve the proposed goals.


 Evolution of Digital Talent

Barcelona Digital Talent will also draw up an annual report to track the evolution of digital talent in the city. In the first half of 2019, the partnership will release an in-depth analysis of the state of digital talent in Barcelona in 2018. This will provide the basis for its first lines of action.

The first data collected shows that, from September to November 2018 and as compared with the same period of the previous year, demand for technological profiles grew by 40%, rising from 2,834 offers to 3,964, while the number of available professionals only increased by 7.5%, from 1,099 to 1,182.


Handbook of Digital Professions

This initiative is also working on a handbook of current and future digital professions. This will follow a market analysis and will make it possible to develop training aimed at the most demanded digital skills.

The project will be carried out during the first half of 2019 together with corporations, start-ups, technology providers, digital innovation hubs and education centres.

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