Democracy, technology and the future to be discussed at the Decidim global meeting

Democracy, technology and the future to be discussed at the Decidim global meeting

Participation. From 29 to 31 October, Fabra i Coats will present the first edition of DecidimFest.

The festival held by Decidim, the digital citizen participation platform, includes three days of talks, discussions, workshops and facilities to think as a community about the challenges of the relationship between technology and participatory democracy.

The Annual Metadecidim Conferences have been reformulated this year as part of the DecidimFest and will be held on 29, 30 and 31 October at Barcelona’s old textile factory Fabra i Coats. The conference will include key voices for the debate on participatory democracy, open platforms and technologies and the challenges of the network society.

The programme for the festival includes an open space where people can reflect about the relationship between technology and the challenges of democracy and generate shared knowledge and technological autonomy. All activities are free but require prior booking, which you can do here.  

Over 45 professionals with expertise in digital platforms, cyberfeminism, security and privacy, radical democracy or artificial intelligence, among other subjects, will talk about their experiences in Barcelona. Below are some of the speakers and topics that will be included in the programme.

Participatory democracy Alejandra González, deputy director of Participatory Innovation of Mexico City’s Digital Public Innovation Agency, will talk about the implementation of Plaza Pública, Mexico City’s first citizen platform, which was created with Decidim software. In addition, Foundation for Public Code creator Ben Cerveny will talk about about the support they provide to public institutions in the creation of public-purpose open software.   

Feminism, gender and cyber-sisterhood Alex Hache, a cyberfeminist with an interest in technological sovereignty initiatives, is also a member of the Donestech group, which explores the relationship between new technologies, gender and privacy. We will welcome members of the UNA Project, a group which defines itself as “pop feminism and old world crushers”, who will present their research on power culture wars in the media and online, as well as the new forms of fascism.

Digital security, health and art Enric Luján, who is a member of Críptica and Entropic Lab, will talk about digital resistance and privacy based on a critical view of technology. Mozilla’s Internet Health Report coordinator Kasia Odrozek will share her thoughts about our digital health and rights. Pablo de Soto is an architect and radical cartographer who specialises in the exploration and use of new cutting-edge technological tools to analyse and recover public space uses. 

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