Eleven Barcelona companies at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai

Eleven Barcelona companies at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai

Digital entrepreneurship. Eleven Barcelona companies will be taking part in the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, from 27 to 29 June, in order to seek synergies with the Asian market.

The eleven companies are from the robotics, tourism, employment and mobile apps sectors, among others, and they are part of the Spanish delegation, made up of 21 companies, which is attending the Chinese edition of the Mobile World Congress, sent by the Mobile World Capital Barcelona.

Eleven Barcelona companies will be taking part in the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, which is being held from 27 to 29 June, in order to seek synergies with the Asian market. The Barcelona companies are part of the delegation sent by the Mobile World Capital Barcelona, which is made up of 21 companies from all over Spain, working in sectors that include robotics, tourism, employment and mobile apps.

These digital companies will have the opportunity to interact with exhibitors and visitors, and they will have an exhibition area in the Mobile World Congress Shanghai, to showcase their projects for the international community taking part in the event.

Eight of the delegation’s 21 companies will be also be selected to give a pitch (a concise presentation) on the 4YFN’s main stage. The entire delegation will be taking part in an activities programme designed to encourage networking with investors, entrepreneurs and big corporations at the MWC Shanghai 2018.

Gerardo Pisarello, the Deputy Mayor for Economy and Employment, the Digital City and International Relations, assessed the presence of Barcelona companies at the MWC Shanghai by saying that “Barcelona attracts talent. In recent weeks, we have seen quite a few examples of this. But it’s not just that. We also export talent: we promote and network with digital companies”.  Deputy Mayor Pisarello affirmed that “we do this at events such as the MWC in Shanghai, through Barcelona Activa, in collaboration with other administrations and the Mobile World Capital. This is a good example of what we mean when we say that the MWC has to be at the service of Barcelona’s production network; it has to be the driving force for the city’s innovative ecosystem 365 days a year”. “All in all, this is good news; its shows that, far from slowing down, Barcelona is soaring higher than ever,” he declared.

Mobile World Capital Barcelona is promoting this delegation for the fourth year running, together with Barcelona City Council, the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Business, through Red.es, and the Generalitat of Catalonia, through ACCIÓ. This track record has meant that companies like Accent Systems, Adele Robots and Bibold, which were part of previous delegations, have been able to repeat the experience and become mentors for companies that are taking part for the first time.

The Barcelona companies in the MWC Shanghai delegation for 2018 are:

  • Accent Systems: a global supplier of innovative business IOT solutions.
  • Barcelona Technology School: a Barcelona international training institution that offers Masters and corporate-education courses focused on digital transformation.
  • Bibold: helps to improve businesses by optimising decision-making, improving resource efficiency and increasing turnover and profit margins.
  • Broomx Technologies: creates advanced tools for enjoying virtual reality in real places.
  • Conecta Wireless: a telecommunications operator and supplier of SI/TI solutions for companies and corporations.
  • Dimo: marketing applications for the interactive exhibition of 3D products in real time.
  • GuestMate: a mobile platform for facilitating direct contact with clients before, during and after their stays.
  • Gotaki: a digital mapping solution for technological companies and new businesses that are looking for a profitable alternative.
  • Submer: develops cooling technology for ecological IT immersion that saves 50% on electricity and 75% on space for data centres, cloud service providers and digital money miners.
  • Tracktio: digital transformation for industrial companies, especially in the collection, storage, processing and analysis of data.
  • Wideum: increased efficiency in setting up and maintaining industrial machinery and processes, through augmented reality solutions.


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