New digital and democratic innovation programme up and running at the Canòdrom

New digital and democratic innovation programme up and running at the Canòdrom

Culture and free time. The centre is offering a summer programme of over twenty activities centring on critical technology, participatory democracy and digital culture.

The Canòdrom de la Meridiana is offering a programme of summer activities, opening up to the city to become a local leader in open tech, taking into account the gender perspective. The facility will be hosting over twenty cultural and training activities from June to August.

The summer activity programme at the Canòdrom – Digital and Democratic Innovation Centre will regain the facility as a focal point for organised communities, social projects, research centres and the people of Barcelona, at the same time bringing digital culture and democratic innovation closer to the neighbourhood.

Over twenty activities

Notable events among the activity programme being offered at the Canòdrom include ‘City laboratories for a democratic city’, a space for exchanging experiences and collective construction with ten initiatives from around Spain, to be held on 17 June. Similarly, the conference ‘Democratizing the digital city: past, present and future’ focuses on the reconstruction of digital cities in a fair, democratic and feminist way, through the eyes of experts.

The City and Science Biennial brings three activities to the Canòdrom, all of them relating to virtual environments and video games: the workshop ‘City and play, rethinking public space with Minecraft’ and the talks ‘Serious games: politics and social action’ and ‘Identities and gender in video games’.

The second half of June sees the stands at the Canòdrom open to local people every Thursday and Friday afternoon. Well-established activities will also be held, such as the ‘Open Stands’ open-air film screenings, offering various works relating to topics such as science-fiction, tech and gender.

Training at the Canòdrom

The Canòdrom also offers training on the knowledge and use of open-source software. The centre’s Antena Cibernàrium offers three training paths and various monographic sessions for people to acquired cross-cutting digital skills with open-source software. The training enables people to learn how to make practical use of this technology, at the same time adopting a critical and citizen-based perspective.


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