New public transport prices to benefit regular users

New public transport prices to benefit regular users

Mobility and transport. The new T-usual offers thirty days of unlimited travel for forty euros.

A historic change in the pricing model for public transport is being introduced to cut pollution and tackle the climate emergency. How? With a new standard ticket designed for regular metro and bus users: the T-usual. The new ticket will become the standard ticket for regular users, offering thirty days of unlimited journeys for 40 euros, comparatively cheaper than the tickets currently used by the majority of passengers.

The Metropolitan Transport Authority, made up of Barcelona City Council, the Government of Catalonia and the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB), have agreed to drop the prices of frequent-use tickets from January to encourage the intensive use of public transport and make daily travel on metro, bus, train and tram services better value.

“The more you travel, the less you pay”

If you use public transport every day to go to work or to your place of study, your journeys will be up to 25% cheaper.

Main tickets for habitual travel

  • T-usual: unlimited journeys, 30 days, unipersonal, 40 euros.
  • T-jove: under 25s, unlimited journeys, 90 days, unipersonal, 80 euros.
  • T16: between the ages of 4 and 16, unlimited free travel, unipersonal.
  • Targeta Rosa: over 60s or people with disabilities, free or discounted travel.

Main tickets for occasional travel

  • T-casual: 10 journeys, unipersonal, 11,35 euros.
  • Single ticket: 2,40 euros.
  • Tgrup: 70 journeys, multipersonal, 79,45 euros.
  • Single ticket : 2,40 euros.

The new pricing structure means the T-10, T-50/30, T-70/30 and T-trimestre tickets will disappear.

Which ticket is best for you?

  • From 36 journeys a month, 9 a week, the best option is the new T-usual.
  • If you do 8 journeys or less in a week, the best option is the new T-casual.
  • If you’re under 25 and do 6 journeys or more a week, the best option is the T-jove.
  • If you are a large family, a single-parent family, unemployed, under 16 or over 60, the existing social tickets remain unchanged.

More public transport, less pollution

As from January, getting into and out of Barcelona every day will be cheaper with the new public transport pricing structure.

  • T-usual (two zones): 53,85 euros (the T-mes costs 72,70 euros).
  • T-usual (three zones): 75,60 euros (the T-mes costs 102 euros).
  • T-usual (four zones): 92,55 euros (the T-mes costs 124,90 euros).
  • T-usual (five zones): 106,20 euros (the T-mes costs 143,35 euros).
  • T-usual (six zones): 113,75 euros (the T-mes costs 153,55 euros).

The new tickets and prices coincide with the enforcement of the permanent low emissions zone, limiting the circulation of the vehicles which pollute the most.

Full information on the new public transport tickets and pricing here.


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