One million euros for research and innovation to bring science closer to citizens

One million euros for research and innovation to bring science closer to citizens

Science. Agreement with the Fundació La Caixa to increase the socialisation of research among the public.

The collaboration agreement signed today with the Fundació La Caixa is intended to help the science community, the civil society and the public take part in research and innovation initiatives to improve people’s quality of life. The initiative will be accompanied with a municipal call for subsidies worth a total of one million euros for research projects offering innovative solutions in the spheres of ageing and quality of life, mobility and the protection of the environment.

The agreement entails three main areas of action. Firstly, the creation of Barcelona – La Caixa Living Lab, a new programme to act as a meeting point for citizens, researchers and the civil society to jointly develop and validate technologies, products and services which improve quality of life for people in Barcelona.

Secondly, the municipal grant call for projects in science, research and innovation aimed at finding innovative solutions to global challenges for big cities. At the same time, the idea is to build technological transformation into citizen services and enhance cooperation between research organisations, businesses and the civil society.

Thirdly, the Ciutadella de Coneixement, an academic and scientific knowledge project in collaboration with city universities to consolidate Barcelona as an international research nucleus.

Barcelona Science Plan

The agreement comes as part of the Barcelona Science Plan, a municipal initiative conceived to boost the innovation and research ecosystem together with the science community, businesses, academics and the public.

Various action has already been taken in this respect, such as the first Barcelona Hypatia European Science Prize, designed to give more visibility to science and which will be presented in the Saló de Cent hall on 5 February.


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