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Taking digital manufacturing to schools to promote science and tech vocations

Taking digital manufacturing to schools to promote science and tech vocations

Digital manufacturing for schools. The new education and digital manufacturing programme facilitates tools and resources for teachers and students.

The digital manufacturing education programme aims to get the education community to engage with this side of technology through the city’s fab labs. To this end, tools and resources are being made available to students and teachers so they can take on board digital manufacturing technologies as another tool in educational practice.

The project sets out educational actions to foster reflection, creativity, experimentation, joint learning and science and tech vocations among young people, particularly girls.

Thanks to the systemisation of successful experiences in some schools and the creation of spaces for the transfer of knowledge, the current academic year will see 32 schools, some 60 teachers and over 800 students taking part.

Schools can take part in the programme in different ways: through education programmes which drive the educational transformation of the centre with training for teachers and students; participation in activities which enrich the education needs of the centre, or as an occasional service to support the different needs of schools with regard to digital manufacturing.

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