The City and Science Biennial is back to debate the limits of the planet, society and science

The City and Science Biennial is back to debate the limits of the planet, society and science

Culture and free time. The second edition is on from 8 to 13 June, offering over 250 activities and involving more than 300 speakers.

Barcelona is again set to become a broad space to bring science and knowledge closer to the general public, from 8 to 13 June. The second edition of the City and Science Biennial revolves around the idea of limits, questioning the current food system with an extensive programme of over 250 activities and 300 speakers.

Many of the activities in the City and Science Biennial are based around the limits of the planet, of society and of science itself, addressing what the consequences of overstepping them are for people, humanity and the environment.

Over 250 activities to bring science closer to the general public

This year’s event features over a hundred activities which have been put together by curators and various organisations, 120 activities as part of the Science Festival and 30 from the +Biennal section, as parallel activities organised by city facilities and entities.

The activities will be held in nearly forty different locations around all the city’s districts, with debates, round tables and talks; six open-air film sessions with debates; exhibitions; Science Night, on 11 June, and the Science Festival, which rounds off the second edition of the City and Science Biennial.

All the activities in the programme will comply with all safety measures. Locations will mainly be open, with limited attendance capacities and practically all events requiring bookings in advance on the website for the City and Science Biennial. Reservations can be made from 25 May.

Personalities and leading science figures

Leading figures from the realm of science and knowledge will be involved during the City and Science Biennial, such as the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Ernest Kahan; the physicist and disseminator Sonia Fernández-Vidal; experts in biology such as Donna Haraway, Michael Levin and Ron Weiss; the curator Mónica Bello, the geographer Oriol Nel·lo and many others.

Other figures involved in the event include physicists, historians, astronauts, molecular biologists, chefs, mathematicians, philosophers, anthropologists, economists and disseminators.

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