Two challenges to innovate in the recharging network for electric vehicles

Two challenges to innovate in the recharging network for electric vehicles

Sustainability. The idea is to gain more flexibility with non-fixed charging points able to cover a distance of at least 15 metres and at a lower cost.

Two new innovation challenges are being launched in line with the transformation process to make the city greener and more sustainable, also with the sustainable development goals in the UN’s 2030 Agenda, which prioritise the shift towards electric vehicles. The challenges are intended to generate innovation in the network of recharging points around public car parks operated by BSM. Projects can be presented between now and 27 May.

The first challenge seeks proposals to improve the flexibility of recharging points installed in car parks, creating non-fixed points which allow for vehicle-charging at a distance equivalent to six consecutive parking spaces, or from 15 metres minimum to 50 metres maximum.

The other challenge seeks to come up with a low-cost recharging point for each parking space which is easy to install, has low operating and maintenance costs, can be managed from a customer app and is connected to an internal management system.

Proposals for the challenges can be put forward from 4 April to 27 May (until 12.30 pm).

Electric mobility on the rise

According to data from February 2022, the city has over 3,300 electric cars and vans and 2,000 plug-in hybrid cars. There are also 14,000 electric motorcycles and mopeds registered in the city. Plug-in electric vehicles currently account for 2.2% of vehicles in Barcelona, a figure which rises every month.

Estimates for 2024 put the percentage of electric vehicles in the municipal fleet at 80%, along with 8% of public transport and 8% of taxis (equivalent to 800 electric taxis). All this comes with the incentives offered by the MOVES III calls, with Next Generation funding from the EU, the low emission zone and the social benefits and tax breaks promoted at both a state and a municipal level.

BSM Aparcaments operates over 40 public car parks and more than 15,000 parking spaces around the city, offering an efficient and affordable parking solution.



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