UOC campus to be consolidated in 22@

UOC campus to be consolidated in 22@

Universities. Agreement to grant the use of new spaces at the Can Jaumandreu complex.

Agreement to grant the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya use of part of the former Can Jaumeandreu factory for minimum period of 15 years, enabling the university to boost its presence in the 22@ area and expand its headquarters and research hub in Barcelona’s tech district.

Can Jaumandreu will bring together a substantial part of the various facilities currently located at differing points around the city. The city will be the base for the IN3, eHealth Center and eLearning Research research centres and the Escola de Doctorat, with space for research staff, teaching staff and some management teams, some 800 people in all.

Research at the UOC focuses on online learning and digital health, so the technology district offers a perfect environment and optimum conditions.

This is another step by the UOC and the city, through Barcelona Activa, to back the development of digital skills for citizens and to drive the collaborative and cooperative economies.

The agreement also provides for the UOC granting municipal services the use of two floors of the building at Carrer de Bolíva, 103, for a period of four years, although in the medium term the goal is for the UOC to occupy the entire building.


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