Temporary exhibition

Design with biomaterials and circular economy, at the Design Hub


From Friday, 19 March to Thursday, 29 April 2021
From 09:00 to 20:00

The exhibition, which will be open from 19 March to 29 April, aims to visualise the function of designers in the field of food and their role in the struggle against food waste. The truth is that every day in Catalonia 720,000 kilos of food are thrown away. This wasted food, totalling 260,000 tons a year, is equivalent to the alimentary needs of 500,000 people in one year. Remix El Barrio is a collective of local designers who work under the umbrella of the European SISCODE project. It is coordinated by Fab Lab Barcelona, an innovation centre located within the IAAC which analyses the way we live, work and share in towns and cities. Thanks to their know-how, Remix El Barrio becomes an important factor in the activation of the circular economy.

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Temporary exhibition

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Temporary exhibition