Introduction _ Workshop on furniture


From Wednesday, 1 January to Wednesday, 22 April 2020
580 euros

The workshops on furniture research are working sessions that aim to improve the knowledge of furniture through the exchange of knowledge between specialists and enthusiasts alike. Furniture research is presented from both a theoretical as well as a practical perspective. Together with key specialists, the historical context, the materials, the techniques applied, the ornamentation and the elements represented are discussed and studied in order to obtain a detailed analysis of a piece of furniture and to compile its technical data sheet

Precio estudiante: 130 € (reconocido con 3 créditos ECTS del ESCRBCC) Descuento 25%: Amigos de los Museos de Cataluña, socios del FAD, CRAC, AMC, CODIC y poseedores del carné del Centro de Documentación del Museo del Diseño Descuento 15%: Carné Bibliotecas de Barcelona. Los descuentos se aplicarán sobre el precio general del curso y no son acumulables. Becados: consultad las condiciones en Plazas limitadas. El precio del curso incluye todas las visitas, que son de asistencia opcional.

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