The Banksy universe comes to the Disseny Hub

Banksy is one of the principal exponents of contemporary street art. This autumn, a large number of his works can be seen at the Disseny Hub Barcelona within the framework of the exhibition 'BANKSY: the Art of Protest'.

The show, which can be visited until 12 March 2022, proposes an immersion into the particular universe of one of the most influential and mysterious creators of recent decades. It presents more than 70 original works, some of them seeing the light for the first time in this exhibition in the Catalan capital. They deal with universal themes of great social interest like globalisation, consumerism, war, the power of politics, religion, the class struggle or the climate crisis.

"There’s a big interest in Banksy around the world. And what we do want is for people to know the artworks and know about Banksy, but they have limited information and they have never seen … because you know that the lifespan of Banksy pieces in nature is very short – the second he does something in the street, the next second his artwork is covered over or painted over or cut off the wall. So basically, an exhibition like ours is the only place where people can see genuine Banksy artworks – not replicas, not some kind of interpretation, but genuine artworks", explains the curator of the exhibition, Alexander Nachkebiy. "Banksy’s art is simple, clean, clear, and very timely, they do not just appear randomly, they appear on time. So when something is happening, Banksy responds", he adds.

Visitors will be able to see such prominent and world-famous works as ‘Girl with Balloon’, ‘Lenin on Skates’, ‘Christ with Shopping Bags’, ‘Girl with Umbrella’ or ‘Love is in the Air’. In addition, this exhibition will present two very important large-scale original pieces, ‘Pissing Guard’ and ‘Out of Bed Rat’, which were painted on walls of buildings in London and Los Angeles. These works can be seen free of charge, because they will be exhibited in the vestibule.

'BANKSY: the Art of Protest' will also include an immersive audiovisual space in which visitors can take a multisensorial journey through Banksy’s artistic career. It also incorporates a virtual reality experience created especially for the occasion and a photographic report by Steve Lazarides which displays the evolution of Banksy’s art and his works in the streets of cities all over the world. The exhibition is completed with a recreation of Banksy’s studio, with a faceless figure who represents the artist’s fixation on anonymity, and a multimedia installation on CCTV video surveillance cameras that reflects on the control we are subjected to by governments and large corporations.

'BANKSY: the Art of Protest' is an exhibition organised by Sold Out with the collaboration of the Disseny Hub Barcelona.

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