The Cruïlla Festival is much more than music

From 6 to 9 July, the Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona will once again host the Cruïlla Festival. For four days, the public will be able to enjoy performance from first-rate artists, both national and international, such as Rozalén or Jack White. The Disseny Hub will have a special presence at the Enamora stage, where a video will be projected about our entity. Artists of such renown as Rigoberta Bandini will perform on this stage.

But the Cruïlla Festival is not just a music festival, it is much more than that. It is an event where the music is accompanied by different artistic disciplines and forms of artistic expression, with performances and shows, the reason Cruïlla Arts was created.

From the Disseny Hub we have taken part in this initiative through a collaboration with El Estafador, a magazine that has created a series of comic strips that combine humour with critique. And during the festival, 18 artists will create a collaborative mural and will draw illustrations live.

In addition, 8 alternative Cruïlla posters will fill the streets of Barcelona. Estrella Damm and eight design studios have teamed up to design different posters representing their vision of the festival.

Cruïlla Arts includes the show Ejército de Luz, by Brodas Bros, and two photojournalism exhibitions, one dedicated to the photojournalist and Enderrock founder, Xavier Mercadé, and CitiesToBe Photo Award, which aims to reflect on contemporary global challenges through urban landscapes.

Technology will also be present at the festival thanks to the Barcelona holographic laboratory Newtonlab Space and its Meet & Greet Holographic experience, which will enable the visitor to take a photograph with a hologram of their favourite artist.

And once again, we can also enjoy a dose of street art. Different street artists will do portraits of the poster people, which they will complete as the festival progresses.

This will not be the first time that the Disseny Hub collaborates with the Cruïlla Festival. Last year the facilities hosted a series of concerts of Cruïlla XXS.

You can consult the Cruïlla Festival programme here.

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